Second Annual Convention of Northeast Presbyteries by Arthur Fullerton

Though the normal response to an invitation to a Synod meeting might be "What sin have I committed to be punished so?", in fact the Synod of the Northeast Second Annual Convention of Presbyteries was a great opportunity for fellowship and learning about what some of our fellow presbyteries are doing to embrace 21st century ministry. We had representatives from 21 out of 22 presbyteries in … [Read more...]

Letter from Some Officers & Leaders of Albany Presbytery to the SARC: 12/28/16

Some officers and other leaders of the Presbytery, writing as individuals, sent the following letter to the SARC on Wednesday, Dec 28th. To: The Special Administrative Review Committee for Albany Presbytery Grace and peace to you, our brothers and sisters in Christ. We appreciate your sacrifice of time and energy to serve our Presbytery, the Synod and the larger church. We are, however, … [Read more...]

What is a SARC??? The Synod of the Northeast

A request from several members of the Albany Presbytery (letter dated August 3, 2016; snail mailed sent to the attention of The Rev. Nancy Talbot) was received by Synod office August 11, 2016.  At the referral of the Synod Stated Clerk, The Synod of the Northeast Mission and Ministries Commission on September 16, 2016 considered the request and voted to establish a Special Administrative Review … [Read more...]

Important End of Year Information by Carlie D’Annunzio

I know you are all on the edge of your seats…hang tight people.  2017 is upon us and it is time to do our due diligence. Basic and Shared Witness Support Please check the status of your Basic and Shared Witness Support payments for 2016 and make every effort to pay any remaining balances by December 31, 2016. Where can I find resources I need to complete this process? We mailed out a … [Read more...]

Waiting with Our Veterans by Linda Martin

Our congregation has been looking for ways to help returning veterans find healing.  We got acquainted with Heroic Foods in Hudson, New York through researching missions to support with our Earth Day Celebration Dinner profits. Heroic Foods is a 20-acre farm outside of Hudson purchased by screen writer Leora Barish to house several veterans and their spouses/partners yearly while they intern for … [Read more...]

Canoeing the Mountains: A New Reformation by Shannan Vance-Ocampo

Over the next eight months, six of our congregations along with six apprentices in our Presbytery will be taking the journey of deepening their learning about adaptive change along with our partners from Pneumatrix.  Together they will be reading through the book, Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory.   I’ll be blogging through the book for the larger Presbytery … [Read more...]

Bridges out of Poverty: Pre-Presbytery Event by Kate Kotfila

November 16 12pm-2pm Why don’t economic safety nets pull people out of poverty? How often have middle class people asked, “Why don’t poor people . . . plan for the future . . . work harder . . . take advantage of services . . . pull themselves up by the bootstraps? What do you mean that food pantries and thrift stores can contribute to generational poverty? The Cambridge Council of … [Read more...]

Allowing the Holy Spirit to Lead Us in “The New Way Forward” by Commissioner Larry Greenwold

Attending the recent Assembly of the Synod of the Northeast was a new experience for me.  I had previously served as a Theological Student Advisory Delegate (TSAD) at the 2000 General Assembly, so I had some idea how a national governing body did its work.  I thought attending a Synod meeting would be the same but more focused on regional issues.  I was right but also very wrong. My fellow … [Read more...]

The Synod has been in Transition for Five Years Now by Synod Assembly Commissioner Susan Strang

The Synod has been in transition for five years now, and we are seeing the wonderful fruit of the "New Way Forward." Where many were planning the  Synod’s end, there has instead been a new vision rising. Now we are living into the plan for broader inclusion of those of every racial identity, economic class, age, or ability. Fostering relationships, pulling together networks of people with shared … [Read more...]

Synod of the Northeast – Synod Assembly Highlights by Commissioner Judith Hartley

With affirmative grace more than 150 Corresponding Members, Commissioners, Synod Officers, YAADS, Guests, Observers and Synod Staff gathered at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center in Albany, New York to conduct the business of the Synod over two days.  Positive high energy and good spirits dominated the events.  Below are but a few of the highlights and significant moments.    *  Prior to … [Read more...]