Committee on Teaching Elders and Congregations

Co-Chairs: Rev. Holly Cameron and Ruling Elder Sam Jackling

The Committee on Teaching Elders and Congregations is commissioned to carry out aspects of the Presbytery’s work in the following ways:

  • serve as pastor and counselor to all Teaching Elders and Commissioned Ruling Elders
  • facilitate relationships between congregations and Teaching Elders and Commissioned Ruling Elders
  • counsel with a session concerning reported difficulties within a congregation, including: (1) advising the session as to appropriate actions to be taken to resolve the reported difficulties, (2) offering to help as a mediator, and (3) acting to correct the difficulties if requested to do so by the session or if the session is unable or unwilling to do so, following the procedural safeguards of the Rules of Discipline
  • recommend to the Presbytery the appointment of commissions to assume original jurisdiction in any situation in which it determines that a session cannot exercise its authority
  • propose annually the minimum compensation standards for pastoral calls and Certified Christian Educators and Certified Associate Christian Educators for approval by the presbytery
  • propose and administer the Presbytery’s financial support for teaching elders and congregations

This Committee is commissioned to:

  • appoint administrative commissions of Presbytery for the purpose of ordaining and installing Teaching Elders and Commissioned Ruling Elders to particular pastoral service
  • approve terms of call and contracts for Teaching Elders and Commissioned Ruling Elders
  • examine and receive Teaching Elders by transfer from other presbyteries for the purpose of accepting valid calls to ministry and membership in the Presbytery; and for membership in the Presbytery as at-large and honorably retired.
  • approve and review annually the work of all teaching elders engaged in validated ministries outside the congregation

This Committee will coordinate the work of: Mentor Training Task Force


For contact information for members of the Committee on Teaching Elders and Congregations, visit our Directory Page on our website for more information.

Class of 2017

  • Ken Applegate, Teaching Elder, First/Glens Falls
  • Judy Hartley, Ruling Elder, Westminster/Albany
  • Sam Jackling, Ruling Elder, Broadalbin (Co-Chair)

Class of 2018

  • Rebecca Putman, Teaching Elder, Northville
  • Kathi Jones, Teaching Elder, Valatie
  • Holly Cameron, Teaching Elder, New Scotland (Co-Chair)
  • Laura Rogers, Ruling Elder, First/Troy

Class of 2019

  • Debbi Waggener, Ruling Elder, Guilderland
  • Vacancy