“Camperships” Summer 2017 by Tim Coombs

Over the years I have learned that it takes people awhile to find money. Seems odd, but it’s true. It may be that when we are convinced that there is no “free lunch,” and we wonder if there is a “catch.”  But when it comes to Albany Presbytery’s Campership program, I can guarantee you there is no “catch.”  Really, it is free money to support our kids going to camp. The fund was created after … [Read more...]

Ash Wednesday | Locusts and Lent

Blow the ram’s horn trumpet in Zion! Trumpet the alarm on my holy mountain! Shake the country up! God’s Judgment on its way—the Day’s almost here! A black day! A Doomsday! Clouds with no silver lining! Like dawn light moving over the mountains, a huge army is coming. There’s never been anything like it and never will be again. Wildfire burns everything before this army and fire licks up everything … [Read more...]

American Values Religious Voices: A Project for Our Time by Hugh Nevin

Does the religious community, broadly conceived, have anything to say to the moment in which we find ourselves as Americans?  I believe it does; in fact, it is well on the way to doing so through American Values Religious Voices (www.valuesandvoices.com).  My intent is that those who read this blog become aware of this significant activity.  You may even find you want to share it with … [Read more...]

Tend My Sheep: Service of Installation for Rev. Annie Reilly by Rachel Mastin

Rev. Annie Reilly was installed as a pastor at the Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church​​​​​​​​​​ on Sunday, February 26, 2017. You can listen to Rachel's message online: Tend My Sheep: Service of Installation for Rev. Annie Reilly Today we’re reading a portion of the story that happens when Jesus appears to some of the disciples after he has risen. Just after daybreak, he appears … [Read more...]

Ideas on using Canoeing the Mountains in your Ministry

"For many Christians throughout the world today, the death of Christendom in the West simply means that there are more brothers and sisters joining them at the margins, more shared experience within the greater church, more equality of leadership roles, more valuing of previously ignored voices and more opportunities for shared witness to a world that is profoundly in need of the gospel.  In other … [Read more...]

Reflections from the Feb 4th Presbytery Meeting at the New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Albany

Please share this information with all those interested in the work and opportunities happening in the Albany Presbytery. You may use the following URL to embed the directly into your communications: https://albanypresbytery.org/reflections-feb-4-presbytery-meeting/ The 311th Stated Meeting of the Albany Presbytery was held on February 4, 2017 at the New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Albany. … [Read more...]

Resolution on a Way Forward in Angry and Anxious Times

This resolution was brought to the Presbytery at its February 4, 2017 Stated Meeting by the Peacemaking Task Force.  It came out of a deep concern around increased racial and anti-immigrant violence in the Presbytery that has been occurring for the last few months.  It was unanimously approved and added to the minutes of that meeting.   This is a time of deep divisions in our nation, within … [Read more...]

NYS Council of Churches Annual High School Youth Leadership Forum by Christy D’Ambrosio

Next week (Monday-Wednesday, February 20-22), 40 delegates (6 adults and 34 youth) from churches all over New York State will board a bus and travel down to New York City for the Annual High School Youth Leadership Forum.  Sixteen (16) youth from Westminster and First Presbyterian Church in Albany will attend.  Many with scholarship assistance from the Presbytery.    The program is offered … [Read more...]

Albany Presbytery Online Communication Resources by Kim Deal

We are Stronger Together It is easier than ever to gather together across vast distances to share ideas and collaborate.  Technology provides a myriad of solutions and it seems like as soon as you turn around, another potential opportunity pops up. Here in the Albany Presbytery, we have a wide variety of expertise.  Let's share our experiences and put them in one place. What is this … [Read more...]

Women from Albany Presbytery participate in the Women’s March

  Women around the world and on every world continent gathered together. It would be wrong to assume every participant engaged in the Women’s March for the same reasons.  We asked some of the women from Albany Presbytery to share: Why as a person of faith was it important for you to attend the Women's March and which Women’s March event did you attend? Rev. Gusti … [Read more...]