Synod of the Northeast met as one of the most diverse and oldest Synods in the United States. As such, we have an opportunity to pave the way for how the church should exist in modern times.

Rev. Dr. Diane Givens Moffet and Opening Worship

At Presbytery Rev. Dr. Diane Givens Moffett gave a prophetic sermon about that we are what we do, and that’s how we define our faith. She called on us to think that “such a time as this” is to think about “Who are we, where are we going, what are we doing.”  With this call to action, we began our time together.

A Confession for Such a Time as This

One of the most engaging pieces of the entire weekend was a confession put forth by the Young Ministry Leaders A Confession for Such a Time as This, an imperfect, impassioned and frank statement of faith rejecting the wrongs and affirming the work we still have to do as Presbyterians. This statement was so powerful, one Young Advisory Delegate (not to be confused with the Young Ministry Leaders who wrote this document) referred to it as “the woke Nicene Creed.” This confession was affirmed and commended for study to all churches and worshiping communications in the Synod of the Northeast.

The Way Forward

Years ago The Way Forward was put into effect to make the staff and structure of the Synod be more open to new voices and diversity. To be more flexible and dynamic. Paired with the Crossroads Anti-Racism Training, these changes and education opportunities serve to start us down a path of discernment for where God wants to church to be.


Budget was discussed with similar concerns that are in most church levels, including issues of spending down endowments, shrinking membership, and making do with less and less. Synod gives a number of grants to all levels and is wrestling with bringing down spending while maintaining support.

Puerto Rico Partnerships Taskforce

Additionally we heard from the Puerto Rico Partnerships Taskforce, for which our offering at Synod was dedicated, and where the PC(USA) GA Co-moderators are currently visiting. We are sending overlapping mission workers to continue the rebuild in February of this year.

Young Adult Advisory Delegates (YAADs) and Young Ministers

Our YAAD’s and Young Ministers were present in force, Early Ministry Institute (EMI), and  Young Ministry Gathering were celebrated, as well as the Presbyterian Women and the Come to the Table Synod event. This worshipful pursuit of the business of the Synod served to allow us to be in fellowship and to communicate where the Synod is today.

About Rev. Katy Stenta

Pastor Katy Stenta serves at New Covenant Presbyterian Church and enjoys Preaching, Reading Fantasy, Sitting in the Sun, Talking to as Many People as She Can, Reading Science Fiction, Playing with Small Children, Drawing, Theater, Reading Young Adult Literature, and Drinking Tea. She lives with her husband Anthony, a librarian and her three boy-boys Franklin who is 10, Westley who is 8, and Ashburn who is 6.

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