Because Young Lives Matter

True confession: I never attended any Christian summer camp. My son went to Kirkwood
(Philadelphia Presbytery), and there he first heard God’s call to ministry. He later returned as a
counselor. Later yet as a volunteer chaplain. -Which, actually, I did also … 40 years ago at
Camp Hebron.
It’s a great joy and privilege to dwell in the place where young lives experience such blessing!
Albany Presbytery offers summer camperships to encourage participation by students from our
churches. Our grants come in two sizes – $250 or $100 – depending on a parent/guardian’s
certification of need. Funds go directly to the camps, toward the student’s account. Our 2-part
application forms will go up on the presbytery website beginning Feb. 1.
Full details of the program may be found in the Mission Committee report  to the
January presbytery meeting. I will be happy to take questions. Email me

Speaking of Camp Hebron, proceeds from its sale are what now provide these camperships. At
the current rate of draw-down, I expect the arrangement to last plus-or-minus 5 more years.
But, Lord willing, demand will continue beyond then. So, what will the Lord have us do next?
Rev. Ted Wright, HR / Mission chairperson

Download the Supplemental Application.

Campership Supplemental Application 2021

Fill out the Online Application Here

About Rev. Ted Wright, HR

Ted rejoined Albany Presbytery, having served previously as pastor at the Presbyterian United Church of Schaghticoke from 1978-1982. Since then he has pastored congregations in Langhorne, PA, and Gaithersburg, MD, and worked for PC(USA) World Mission in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. Ted was the Moderator of the SPAT in 2018 and is now the chairperson of the Albany Presbytery Church Mission Committee.

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