Would you have 30 minutes to share with us?  For a variety of reasons, we need to create a new website.

  • We are planning to keep the same menu structure
  • We are looking to add a few enhancements
  • The site will need a slightly updated design (how it looks, not how it is organized)

Focus Groups

When we went through our last redesign, which was a major change, we benefited from a group of people who were willing to work with me to identify how things should be organized and how to avoid trouble spots.

I am looking to once again to identify a group of people with different skills, perspectives, and experience with the internet to solicit feedback and ideas.

The new website will not be structurally different, but even a new look/feel can throw us off!

4 Reasons Why We Need You

1) Finding things shouldn’t be hard

This is true, however a challenge. We all approach finding information differently.

  • Do you head straight for the search tool?
  • Do you scan through the menus?
  • Do you head for the Site Map?
  • Something else?

Regardless, we need to test the design and make sure it is accessible.

2) Change can be confusing, but shouldn’t be impossible

Someone recently said to me, “If it isn’t broke, don’t  fix it.”

Unfortunately, I have alluded to the fact that we do need to change as our site is having some issues and not always working as we would like.

Beyond that, we want to be evolving with and leveraging new technology. Due to the nature of our ministry, we have a lot of content to manage on our website. It is important for us to stay current and leverage current technology and trends so we can continue to offer this information in all the ways people are looking to access it. Our current site needs an update.

3) Testing New Features – Do they Work as We Hope They Should?

There are three areas that we have had consistent requests for enhancements:

  1. Social sharing buttons for our blogs and events.  (“Share this event/blog on Facebook, Twitter, or in Email.”)
  2. Both the “Resources” and the “Committees and Groups” menus are very long and hard to use on smaller devices. Although they are organized in such a way that makes sense, we need to improve the presentation of these pages as the long menus are difficult for some people to navigate.
  3. Eventually we are hoping to add the ability to Donate to a Cause online.

4) We Really Do Listen

This is your chance! The Focus Group we had previously was incredibly helpful. Can you help?  We are looking for people to be involved today through October 2018.

About Kim Deal

Kim was the Communications Manager for the Albany Presbytery from 2015-2019. Outside of her role, she is passionate about her family and inspiring people to grow and contribute in meaningful ways. She also attends Brunswick Church where she enjoys singing with the women's ensemble, Grace Alone.

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