The Presbyterian Youth Triennium (PYT) is scheduled for July 2016!  This is an Event that should be seriously considered by all Youth!  Let me tell you why…

1. Kids like to worship with other Kids!

Have you ever attended either Breakout or Excel in Saratoga, put on by Capital District Youth for Christ?  It Watch Videois AMAZING and for many, it is their first meaningful worship experience. Well….this is like Excel….ON STERIODS!  Take a minute to watch the video and I think you will agree.


2. Grow in community with other Youth in the Albany Presbytery

Grow in Christ with others right within our own presbytery.  Who knows where these relationships could lead us even after Triennium.  This applies to BOTH Youth AND Leaders!  See pictures from PYT 2013

3. Provide a meaningful experience for kids while leveraging the work and momentum that is already in place!

This a great way to grow with the Youth in your communities while taking advantage of the planning that is being done on your behalf.  You don’t have a Leader to go?  Let us work with you to offer this opportunity to any interested Youth on  your behalf.

4. Great Value!

Yes, there is a cost, but what a great value!  We are looking at a life time experience for 1 week that could cost an individual $250! Give it some thought.  Can you find ways to help fund this trip?

Cost is a concern for everyone, but we hope that registration ($505) plus transportation  costs will be around $750 per person.  This only sounds like a BIG number.  Keep in mind that we are using the 1/3 method of financing this event.  The Presbytery will pay $250 per person.  Each home church will pay $250 per person.  This leaves $250 per person, which can be reduced through scholarship and fundraising.  Any monies that the Presbytery receives from Triennium or other sources to help defer cost will go directly to reducing the final $250 for each individual and this will not be due until next spring.

5. Take the time to consider this NOW…it will be here before you know it.

Applications are being distributed to establish “soft commitments.”  These “soft commitments” will help determine the mode of transportation and provide Triennium with the “guestimate” required in December.  If you are interested, please consider filling out an application.  We already have 17 participants and many more have expressed an interest.  Join us!

Hear what the PYT 2013 Albany Presbytery Delegation had to say about their experience:

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