Reflections on: John 1:6-8, John 1:19-28

It is a great honor to share the word of the Lord with you. It has also been 13 years since God has brought us to this wonderful land and every year it is amazing to see how people prepare to celebrate Christmas. We decorate, share gifts, invite friends over, cut cake and share happiness with each other. Not just USA but all over the world, Christmas is the time of celebration and festivity.

Amidst all this celebration, let us “not forget the reason of the season,’’ Jesus Christ our Savior. The purpose of our existence should be to testify that Jesus is Messiah, just like John did. We are all “Witness to the light’’ just like John. While reading John 1:1-28 the verse that really strengthens my faith is:

“He didn’t fail to confess, but confessed freely’’ ~John 1:20 NIV

It must not have been easy for John to confess about ‘’Messiah” and the “light” “amidst the non-believers.’’

Coming from a country where Christians are not allowed to practice their faith freely, a place where churches are bombed, and people are killed in the name of blasphemy, I understand how difficult it is to hold onto your faith. Despite of all these fears, Christians in Pakistan are still not afraid to go to church. It is their strong faith and their love for Christ that keeps them going. The same love that John had for Jesus when he was proclaiming His coming. We are blessed to be in a country where don’t live in a constant fear of being persecuted because of our faith. We have choice to practice our faith. We can boldly and proudly say that we are Christians.

So brothers and sisters, let us not take this freedom for granted, it is a blessing from above. Let us all be His disciples not only in words but also in actions. Let us love our God just the way He loves us “for God so loved the world he that He gave the only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

May this Christmas bring Love and Peace in our lives, families, congregations, and in our country. May God Bless You All!

Sadaf Sadiq is the wife of the Rev. Nadeem Sadiq who leads the Pakistani American Fellowship.  She leads the Fellowship’s education team and teaches its children. Together they have two children Sharill and Matthias.

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