Guatemala Partnership Invites You to Join Us in Aiding those Affected by Natural Disasters in Guatemala & Elsewhere

In 2015, the Albany Presbytery Guatemala Partnership invited congregations and others in the Presbytery to give funds to provide for Water Filters for Guatemalan families.  These filters, called “Eco-filters” were designed and are made in Guatemala.  This means that they were created specifically for the kind of purification needed in Guatemala, and that their manufacture and sale provides jobs for Guatemalans and otherwise supports the Guatemalan economy.  Our partner organization, CEDEPCA, arranged for the filters to be purchased and brought to the villages, and supplied training for all recipients in how to use the filter, how to replace the one part that needs to be replaced, annually, and ideas on how save the funds necessary to purchase that part each year.  When the Youth of Albany Presbytery went to visit Guatemala in the summer of 2015, they assisted in delivering the 100 water filters Albany Presbytery provided.

Aiding Victims of the Most Recent Natural Disasters

This year, knowing that there are still many more families in need of safe, clean water in Guatemala, the Partnership committee decided to invite these donations again, challenging congregations and others throughout Albany Presbytery to once again supply $100 (2 filters) each.  Before we had the chance to publicize this campaign, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.  And then Irma came through the Caribbean.  And then Jose, and Katia, and Lee, and Maria.  And there were the two earthquakes in Mexico City, one of which also impacted Guatemala.  And the wildfires in the Northwest.  And somehow, in the face of all that human need (and more that I haven’t even named) throughout the world, it seemed too narrow a focus to only ask for assistance for Guatemala.  So, we decided make this a blended request:

For every $100 given:

  • $50 will go to purchase a water filter for a Guatemalan family
  • $50 will go to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to provide recovery and on going support for people in need in other areas.

We felt this an appropriate way to balance our specific partnership in Guatemala with our concern for all of God’s children.

Albany Presbytery Congregations & Worshiping Communities – You Can Make a Difference!

We are asking again for each congregation to designate $100—from your regular Mission giving, or through a special fund drive, or in whatever way you might do so—for this project.

Click here for a flyer to share with your community.

The deadline, for the water filters anyway, is January 31, 2018; this will give time for the funds to be brought to Guatemala by the folks from Mayfield & Cambridge who will be traveling to Guatemala under Bonnie Orth & Kate Kotfila’s leadership.

Please send checks to the Presbytery office and be sure it is well marked – “Aiding Victims of Natural Disasters – Guatemala Partnership Task Force”

Albany Presbytery Office
1915 Fifth Ave
Troy, NY 12180

If you have questions about this, please ask—my e-mail address is [email protected], and e-mail is generally the best way to reach me.

Guatemala Mission Partnership Task Force

Click here to learn more about the Guatemala Partnership Task Force.

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