Last January we all committed to gather information on our congregations’ buildings and finances throughout the presbytery.  A little less than half of the churches have sent in forms and confirmed that reports are up to date. For several churches this exercise has been helpful in opening up new conversations and providing a process for being more intentional about how to address shortfalls and building needs.


“We knew most of this, but the survey made for good conversation about how to respond in our session.”

“We didn’t know there were so many resources available to us. We’ve known things needed to be done but didn’t know how to get started on some of it; it seemed so overwhelming.”

“It was a matter of the right hand not talking to the left. I thought the secretary sent the annual reports to presbytery, she thought I did.”

I’m so glad for this, now maybe somebody besides our little church will know what shape we are in.”

You can still get your information in before the Silver Bay meeting by going to:

Click on Resources and go to Building Assessments.

Links are provided for the two surveys, and a NYSERDA energy inspection.  

hand shake Smilely FaceDEAL OF THE CENTURY! If you would prefer not to do the building assessment survey or feel it would be helpful to have a professional look at your buildings, the trustees have set aside some initial funds for churches, free of chargebat Smilely Face, to use the services of Kevin Aubin who is doing management for the Trustees for building evaluations on a first come, first served basis. Kevin will come in, look over the building and make written recommendations on both work that needs to be done and the order in which that work ought to be done. Just be in touch with any of the BAT (okay – let the bat puns begin in earnest!) or email

Team members will be available at Silver Bay to help anyone with internet or computer limitations. You’ll be able to find us – we’ll be wearing our smiley BAT’s!

Oh, and . . .

Thumbs Up Smilely FaceHATS OFF TO HUDSON FALLS and their clerk Pat Barron, for being the first to get everything in.

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Kate Kotfila is pastor at the United Presbyterian Church in Cambridge, NY. An important spiritual discipline for Kate is traveling in places where life is very different than in Cambridge. Kate served as Albany Presbytery's 2019 Moderator. You can reach her at and learn more about the United Presbyterian Church in Cambridge at

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