Luke 2:1-20

In a Walmart parking lot in Weatherford, Oklahoma, a baby was born today. Neighbors reported bright lights, loud singing and increased traffic, but when police arrived, they found a celebration that they described as “joyful, but peaceful.” No arrests were made. Several battered pick up trucks full of migrant workers were seen driving to the scene, but no one seems to know precisely why. “We had to come,” they reportedly said as they quietly kept watch.

No network TV trucks showed up to record the event, and it went unnoticed in Washington, New York City, Paris and London. Other world events crowded the news this day, events far more important than the birth of a non-descript child born in a parking lot in God’s left elbow, America. When asked, the president shrugged; just another child born to a poor family in middle America.

But the celebration has continued in Weatherford. Witnesses report marvelous phenomena occurring—blind people regaining their sight, people in wheelchairs rising and walking, rich people handing out money and poor people seeing a way out of poverty. Hungry people are being fed and homeless families have found shelter. On the plains of Oklahoma, a revolution seems to be taking place, with the status quo being turned upside down. It is a quiet revolution, with whispers of justice and peace going from person to person to person. A new way of living seems to be coming into being. Authorities are stumped as to what is happening, but they are keeping a watchful eye.

Christmas 2018:  Who knows?

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