Board of Trustees


The Albany Presbytery has a board of seven trustees comprised of both ruling and teaching elders. Collectively these officers have a fiduciary duty. What does that mean? A fiduciary duty is a legal duty to act solely in another party’s interests.  In this case we act as a body to look after the financial and legal affairs of the presbytery with an obligation to act in a way that looks after the long term interest of the larger church. Much of our work is helping churches reconcile what they want to do with what is permitted under New York state law, the PCUSA Book of Order, and, where donated funds are involved, donor intent. A hallmark of Presbyterianism is doing things “decently and in order” and our goal as trustees is to facilitate change in a way that conforms to this spirit.

Current Members of the Board of Trustees:

Co-Chairs: Rev. Kate Kotfila, Honorably Retired Minister & Ruth Pierpont, Ruling Elder from Cornerstone Community Church

Presbytery Treasurer: Rev. Donna Elia, Minister Member, Troy Area United Ministries

Class of 2023   

  • Rev. Kate Kotfila, HR 
  • John Gamble, Ruling Elder from the Presbyterian NE Congregational Church in Saratoga Springs
  • Gabriel Ofori-Okai, Ruling Elder from Westminster Church in Albany

Class of 2024

  • Ruth Pierpont, Ruling Elder Cornerstone Community Church, Lansignburg
  • Rev. Murphy Ashley, Honorably Retired Minister

Class of 2025