Committee on Representation & Nominations

Chair: Rev. Jerry McKinney

**Online Committee Nomination Form Listed Below**

The Committee on Representation & Nominations is commissioned to carry out aspects of the Presbytery’s work in the following ways:

  • advise the Presbytery regarding the implementation of principles of unity and diversity
  • advocate for diversity in Presbytery leadership
  • consult with the Presbytery on the employment of personnel, in accordance with the principles of unity and diversity in F-1.0403
  • nominate persons to serve in positions requiring election by the Presbytery, ensuring that nominations are broadly representative of the Presbytery and in conformity with the church’s commitment to unity in diversity (F-1.0403)

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Dear Presbytery Partners:

During the past year Albany Presbytery has engaged in a series of conversations about how members of Presbytery relate to each other, and how those relationships are essential in enabling us to carry out our shared mission in the service of Christ. A key means by which we develop relationships and a crucial opportunity for extending relationships to all of our congregations is service on Presbytery committees.

This is NOT just a routine business obligation. It is a call to fellowship and to collective discernment of God’s will for our lives together and individually.

To advance this vital mission, the Committee on Representation and Nominations is asking the pastor and/or clerk of every congregation to recommend at least three members of the congregation according to the gifts each may be able to bring to service on Presbytery committees.

You need only consider the individual person; it will be our job to consider what committee that person might best serve. And it will be our job to contact that person about a specific opportunity for service, now or in the future. So don’t hesitate to recommend someone even if she or he is “too busy now.” Our hope is to compile a large list of potential committee members that we may draw on for some time to come.

To simplify the process of recommending names and compiling the list, we have posted a form below. As you complete the information for each recommendation, the form offers the option of making an additional recommendation.  Remember: we are requesting at least three names.

Thank you for your prayerful response to this request. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions.

In fellowship,

Jerry McKinney

Committee Members

Class of 2017
Terry Diggory, Ruling Elder, Saratoga
John Barclay, Teaching Elder, Glens Falls

Class of 2018
Cheryl Colt, Teaching Elder, At-Large
Kevin Dwyer, Ruling Elder, New Scotland
Larry Greenwold, Teaching Elder, Tribes Hill

Class of 2019
Jerry McKinney, Teaching Elder, Granville ​(Chair)

For more contact information for members of the Committee on Representation & Nominations, visit our Directory Page on our website for more information.