Permanent Judicial Commission

The Permanent Judicial Commission is commissioned to carry out aspects of the Presbytery’s work in the following ways:

  • shall consider and decide cases of process for the Presbytery according to the Rules of Discipline
  • shall be composed of no fewer than seven members, with no more than one of its ruling elder members from any one of its constituent churches
  • the term of each member shall be six years, with members elected in three classes and with no more than one half of the members to be in one class

Class of 2021

  • John Barclay, Minister, Glens Falls
  • Kevin Dwyer, Ruling Elder, New Scotland
  • Barbara Cervenka, Ruling Elder, West Charlton

Class of 2023

  • Earl Johnson, Minister, HR
  • Pam Woodman, Minister, Malta

Class of 2025

  • Arthur Fullerton, Ruling Elder, Westminster Albany
  • Carolyn Snyder Lemmon, Ruling Elder, First/Albany