The Peacemaking Task Force of Albany Presbytery

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Our Mission            

  • We invite all who yearn to make peace, including clergy and non-clergy, to join Task Force members in working to create, support, and promote peacemaking initiatives. Our current priority is addressing the critical crisis of climate change.
  • We support the Peace and Global Witness offering distribution of 75% to the General Assembly and 25% to be retained by presbyteries for local education and action.
  • We review and recommend scholarships for participation in peacemaking conferences and events.
  • We are informed by and communicate with the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, the Office of Public Witness, and relevant ecumenical endeavors.

Upcoming Events

August 6 – 9, 2019
Presbyterians for Earth Care 2019 National Conference – Click here to learn more
Click here for an event flyer

The Peacemaking Task Force is offering $300 scholarships to those who qualify. Click here to download the application. 

“A Way Forward for Creation Care” Faith Statement is Affirmed!


A Prayer for Creation

A Prayer for Creation

Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe,   We come before You today in a spirit of Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the warmth of the sun on our faces, and for the glory of birdsong at dawning and at dusk, for what would life be without the joyous...

A Deeper Lent for the 21st Century

A Deeper Lent for the 21st Century

The Season of Lent leads us into introspection on our relationship with God and neighbor. Scripture tells us that we are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. In that commandment we find the context for...

It All Begins With Awe

It All Begins With Awe

Staring at the computer screen trying to write an article, my mind goes blank. Hearing bird activity, I shift my eyes to the window and see a brilliant red Northern Cardinal, a Blue Jay, and a few Mourning Doves, their contrasting color made ever more vivid against...

Albany Presbytery Bottled Water Resolution Passes!



Scholarships and Funding

Please complete the Peacemaking Task Force Grant Application to apply for a peacemaking-related grant.

The Peacemaking Task Force has provided scholarships for:

  • Ecumenical Advocacy Day in Washington
  • Mosaic of Peace Conference to Israel and Palestine
  • Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Middle East Witness Delegation
  • Young Adult Volunteer in Peru
  • PC(USA) Travel Study Seminar to US/Mexico Border & Central America
  • Annual Presbyterian Peacemaking Conference at Ghost Ranch

Please complete the Peacemaking Task Force Grant Application to apply for a peacemaking-related grant.

Funding has been provided for:

  • International Peacemakers appearing locally
  • Director of Public Witness in United Nations speaking at Albany Presbytery Meeting
  • Saratoga Peace Week

Billboard to support Occupy Movement


Picture from Saratoga Peace Week Sept 20-26, 2015Picture from Saratoga Peace Week Sept 20-26, 2015

Learn more information about Peacemaking, at Presbyterian Mission Agency—Presbyterian Peacemaking Program