What Youth Opportunities Are Available?  Read down this page to learn more about

  • Annual High School Youth Leadership Forum: Feb 2018
    • Youth Reflections from the Annual High School Youth Leadership Forum: Feb 2017
  • Youth Adult Volunteer Experience
  • Young Adult Advisory Delegate
  • Summer Camp “Camperships” Policy

For complete details on the trip planned for February 2018, please read:
2018 High School Youth Leadership Seminar at the United Nations in NYC by Christy D’Ambrosio

Youth Reflections from the Annual High School Youth Leadership Forum: Feb 2017

See what our Youth had to say below in both written as well as video reflections. Click here.

Young Adult Volunteer (YAV)

What is the Young Adult Experience?

Being a Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) means entering into a transformational year of service. What do YAVs do? Typically, YAVs:

  • Volunteer alongside local partners in sites across the United States and the world.
  • Engage in root causes of poverty, reconciliation and holistic witness to the Gospel.
  • Participant in intentional Christian community with fellow YAVs and local partners.
  • Explore vocational discernment to articulate your passions, label your talents & live into God’s call.

YAVs are supported in their faith journey through orientation & end-of-term debriefing events.  You can learn more about this opportunity on the Presbyterian Mission Agency website.

2016-2017 YAV from Albany Presbytery

olivia-orth-smAlbany Presbytery is proud to be supporting Olivia Orth in her YAV experience.

You can support Olivia through your prayers, words of encouragement and financial support.

Olivia is blogging regularly.  You can keep up on her latest adventures by subscribing to her blog: Teaching to Learn – YAV Olivia Orth

Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Support Grants from Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the Northeast are also available on on the PWSNE website. Click here for more information.

Young Adult Advisory Delegate (YAAD)

As part of PC(USA)’s governance system, Young Adult Advisory Delegates (YAAD) participate in our connectional church gatherings, such as General Assembly and Synod Assembly.

“You are very important,” said YAAD advisor Keisla Lanzot in her “What is a YAAD” presentation. “The Moderator and commissioners expect you to represent the youth perspective with full voice and vote in committees. Be prepared to listen and learn, but also to respectfully express your opinion – not that of your presbytery, synod or church, but your opinion. You are part of a bigger community.”

samantha-brewer-smIn 2016, Samantha Brewer represented Albany Presbytery both at General Assembly in Portland, OR and at Synod Assembly in Albany.

Being a YAAD is an important role for our Presbytery, but can also be a very fulfilling experience.  You can read about Samantha’s experiences in her blogs:


If you are interested in learning more, contact the Albany Presbytery Office and ask to be directed to the group in our Presbytery who can provide you more information on the application process. Email: [email protected] or (518) 273-4991

Summer Camp “Camperships” Policy

Summer Camp “Camperships” Policy — This fund, which now a line item in the presbytery budget, is administered by the office staff. Grants are available to children and youth of Albany Presbytery member congregations/worshiping communities to attend summer camp (at a camp associated with any denomination with whom the PC(USA) is in correspondence) or special regional or national events. Please read through the full campership policy above for information before application.

The application process for Summer 2017 is now closed.  If you have any questions, please contact the Albany Presbytery Office.

Read more in this blog: “Camperships” Summer 2017 by Tim Coombs