Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe,


We come before You today in a spirit of Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the warmth of the sun on our faces, and for the glory of birdsong at dawning and at dusk, for what would life be without the joyous sound of singing birds. We give You thanks for the delicious odors of Spring, maple blossoms, magnolias, lilacs, flowering locust and catalpa trees. And, we are ever thankful for those moonlit nights, when the moon rises big and orange in the East, turning to silver as it climbs towards its zenith, casting a shimmering moonpath over the waters, as the haunting cry of a loon breaks the still of the night.

You, Grandfather, have created these wonders. May we do our utmost to protect them.

The Bible tells us to “go forth and multiply,” but that was before good medical care, and now there are too many of us attempting to use the bountiful, but finite, resources You have given us. The Bible tells us to have “dominion” over the earth and its creatures, but unlike the good farmer who husbands his crop, we are profligate and wasteful, building and paving over wildlife habitat, and cutting and burning the rainforests. Floods, fires and drought are some of the results of climate change caused by our excess burning of fossil fuels, and voracious consumption of methane-causing beef cattle.

And so, Grandfather, I beg You to help us in our fight to mitigate global warming and save this beautiful earth and the marvelous creatures You have caused to evolve upon it. You gave us giraffes and elephants, great whales and tiny blind bats, plankton and coral reefs. May we, in our greed and avarice, not drive them to extinction.

Jahn Swanker Gibson on behalf of the Peacemaking Task Force


About Jahnn Swanker-Gibson

Jahnn is a graduate of Plattsburgh State with a BA in Psychology. Later in life, she went back to Adirondack Community College to earn her AAS in Nursing and worked as a Psychiatric Nurse in an in-patient facility. Jahnn currently lives in Johnstown, NY attends the First Presbyterian Church in Johnstown, and enjoys sailing in the summertime. She serves on the Albany Presbytery Peacemaking Task Force. You can reach Jahnn at

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