New Covenant Pre-school
Classroom photo courtesy of Holly Roberts

Experts agree that it takes at least six months to see any difference to your insights and growth on social media following the implementation of a new initiative. It takes even longer to see a significant change. When I started at New Covenant Presbyterian Church as their first-ever Media Coordinator, I knew my work in that role would be no different. A revitalized congregation with a fairly new pastor, almost every position was either a new addition, or newly filled, including that of our nursery school.

A solid program in the Albany area for 40-plus years, the retirement of the school’s director, followed by a summer hiatus, meant that the school could go in a new direction–it could grow new wings so to speak. The first year or two was challenging–hiring a new staff, building a new program and bringing on new students.

Growth was slow but steady, as we used this opportunity to have the nursery school become a real part of the local community. A free play group (Mugs and Hugs, Tuesday mornings from 9-12) that is the longest-standing play group in the Capital District, along with open houses, Kids’ Day at the Farmer’s Market, Breakfast with Santa, children’s Christmas play, Halloween Trunk or Treat and Easter Egg Hunt, which are open to local children regardless of whether they worship here or attend school here, let the community know “Squirmy children always welcome!” And people started to notice.

They also started to notice the creative curriculum, including art and science projects, like the butterfly project (shown in the photos above). We will start the fall with a class of at least 12 children, just short of our maximum capacity. And like the butterflies recently released by our Class of 2016, we are ready to spread our wings and fly.

If you’d like more information about the butterfly project or the nursery school program, please contact Holly Roberts at or at 482-8063. We still have a few spots available.

We are located at:
916 Western Avenue, Albany, NY
Corner of Western and Orlando, near State Office campus.
Just off Route 85

Wendi BrandowWendi Brandow is part-time Media Coordinator at New Covenant Presbyterian Church and a full-time worshipper at Trinity Presbyterian. She is Facebook obsessed and has found a way to make a living from it. She lives in Glenville with her husband Jim and their children Luke, Olivia, Jeter and Mittens.

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