We are excited and pleased to announce the facilitator for the 2018 High School Youth Leadership Seminar at the United Nations in NYC:

Edgardo Acevedo aka Solomon Starr

Solomon has been recommended in absolutely glowing terms by the head of the Seminar program at the United Methodist Women’s Office to the UN.  He is a theologian and social justice activist, as well as a musician and performer.  

This is a short description of the multi-sensory learning seminar he intends to create for us:

Reclaiming the Voice of Resistance is a full-day learning experience exploring the relationship to cultural identity, spiritual formation and institutionalized oppression in the context of urban planning.  Here students engage in a series of multi-sensory learning modules intended to challenge traditional industrial understandings of global city planning and missionary activity.  

A little about Solomon:

Solomon Starr is a gifted speaker, lyricist/poet, scholar and music producer. Born and raised in New York City, Solomon began performing at age nine during the height of a Crack Epidemic. Threatened by robberies, drug sales and murder he transformed his confusion and anxiety into street poetry.

Healing words eased the agony of adolescence, yet much of the relief he received came from the spiritual guidance and justice leadership training he gained through active involvement in a local church. His engagement with spirituality and justice increased his desire to positively impact his peers. However, Solomon confronted the challenge of promoting spiritual growth and social revolution to teens who suffered silently in crime and poverty; they refused to listen or wake up.

Motivated by this bitter reality, Solomon channeled his spiritual knowledge into grassroots organizing. While attending Central College in Pella, Iowa, Solomon formed the “Last Liberation Movement.” As founder and lead organizer Solomon mobilized students on campus to create institutional change by advocating for racial justice in curriculum, personnel and public representation.

In 2004, Solomon co-founded Sanctify Entertainment. The vision was to create socially conscious media for spiritual transformation. The mission has been to organize and help bring liberation to groups across the country aiming for social change by combining performing arts and social action.

Solomon also served and received training for the stage as a member of StoryTellas, a gospel music group that provides support to disempowered youth in prisons, churches and devastated communities throughout the tri-state area.

Solomon has given speeches and performed at such events as the acclaimed Rap Fest, The Holy-Hip Hop Awards, Flavor Fest and The Zulu Nation 30th Anniversary sharing stages with such artists as the Cross Movement, The Truth, K-Drama, Lecrae, Percy P and many others. Solomon is also a resource for filmmakers. He composed original music for “Artistic Closure” an independent film featured in the 2008 New York Film Festival.

As a scholar, Solomon Starr received a Masters in Divinity from New Brunswick Theological Seminary; he graduated with honors. Solomon also pursued a Doctorate in Urban Ministry attending New Brunswick Theological Seminary from 2010-2012. Although he has had the humble honor of performing before acts like The Roots, Kurtis Blow, Dead Prez, and Wu-Tang Clan, Solomon Starr finds no greater satisfaction than helping to transform people through the powerful gifts of word and music.

Trip Details

We will travel to NYC on Tuesday, February 20 and return home Thursday, February 22, 2018.

The cost of $400 covers:

  • lodging
  • travel by chartered bus
  • breakfast and lunch on Wednesday and Thursday

Download the following forms for more details and to register:

For complete details on the trip planned for February 2018, please read:

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