To the Community of Albany Presbytery:

Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

It is with both joy and excitement, but also a heavy heart for me to share with you the recent news that I have been extended and accepted a new call to be the Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Monticello, Indiana, within the Presbytery of Wabash Valley.  While I have found a home here within the Northeast these past few years, this call comes at an opportune time, allowing me to return home to the Midwest and be closer to my wife’s family and mine during this important period of our lives. My last Sunday in Schoharie will be Sunday, November 19.

As a friend once said,  “people are more likely to remember the last thing you said rather than the first.”   Now, as I prepare to leave, and I begin to think about what I would like my last words to my church and Presbytery community to be, I can’t help but think more about firsts rather than lasts.   Since coming to New York, my wife and I have celebrated the birth of two of our three daughters, and over the last few years have witnessed many of their firsts: first steps, first words, first birthdays.  These have been exciting years for my family and a good reminder of how precious and impacting first experiences can be.

Over the years of my life, many of the words that have been spoken to me, and mine to others, have faded from my memory, but it is the experiences that will stay with me over a lifetime.  Of these experiences, how often are our first experiences the ones we hold most dear:  first day of school, first time we visit a new place… a first love, the first time we hold a son or daughter…  the people of Schoharie United Presbyterian Church and the Presbytery of Albany now join a lifetime of first experiences for me – my first Church and my first Presbytery, and so will hold a special place in my heart always as I move on to the next chapter of my life and ministry.  Thank you for being such a great community to begin my ministry with, and as the hymn goes “God be with you till we meet again!”  

In Christ,
Rev. Brandan Scott Eddy

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