Keeping Our Information Secure by Kim Deal

This past Fall we launched our new website and it has been very well received. You can review the 4 main areas where we focused our efforts to improve our website in the blog: Video Overview: Albany Presbytery Website Updates

Next Step: Securing Confidential Information on Our Website

We place a high value on transparency and openness however there are times when business posted on the website may be confidential or include personal details. To secure this information, we will be password-protecting documents which contain sensitive information.

The password for these documents will be emailed to all Pastors, Clerks of Session, Commissioners, Committee Members, and Albany Presbytery Staff who have current profiles in the Access ACS Online Presbytery Database. If you have not yet signed in and updated your profile in the Access ACS Online Presbytery Database, you may want to take the time to do this now.  This database was rolled out in early August with the blog: Access ACS Database is live.

Since the Access ACS Database has been put in place, each Albany Presbytery member is now responsible for maintaining his/her own correct contact information in the database.

In early May, look for an email with the password allowing access to secured documents. We are working to put everything in place for documents associated with the upcoming June Presbytery Meeting.

What if I Forget the Password or Never Get the Email?

We have set up an Albany Presbytery Password page on our website which will review how to retrieve the password should you forget it or never receive the information when it is emailed out from the office.

Our goals for Information on Our Website

  1. Provide information & resources for the Presbytery through the Albany Presbytery website in a way that is user-friendly and accessible.
  2. Keep personal and confidential information secure.
  3. Allow for 24×7 access to retrieve the password through the Access ACS Online Database, should you forget, misplace or simply don’t have the password to open a document that has been secured.

Our Presbytery continues on our journey and this is another stop along the way. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us. We are open to feedback and suggestions on how to make this process accessible.

Kim is the Communications Manager for the Albany Presbytery.  Outside of this role, she is passionate about her family and inspiring people to grow and contribute in meaningful ways.  You can reach Kim at [email protected].

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