Each year New York State requires employees of churches, including ministers, as well as ministers serving in an approved ministry, to take a training class on avoiding and proactively responding to sexual harassment. The program Albany Presbytery uses is created by Zywave and is coordinated by Benetech. This memo will detail who must take the training and how successful completion of the training is to be noted.

The Training

The training is done via the Internet. You must allow a minimum of one hour to complete the training and print your certificate of completion. The training should be done all in one sitting. You will receive an email directing you to the website where you can log in to take the training. Please take the training when you receive your email notification.

Who in Albany Presbytery Must take the Training?

Ministers of the word who serve a congregation as an installed or contract pastor, all active ministers who provide pulpit supply, all certified ruling elders who serve a congregation, and all honorably retired ministers who are on the approved preaching list or are a parish associate. Any individual on the approved preaching list who is not a minister of the word must also take the training, as must all staff members of the presbytery. If you are an honorably retired minister who no longer preaches you are exempt from taking the training.

Ministers in an Approved Ministry

Any minister in an approved ministry must either take the presbytery approved training or must provide a certificate of successful completion of an approved training program by their employer.

Employees of Presbytery Churches

If your church has an employee(s), they too are required to take the training or provide proof of training. This includes secretaries, education workers, nursery school workers, custodians, bookkeepers, and the like. The presbytery provides the training to our churches at no cost. Contract workers who provide services to the church, but are not employees, must provide proof of training through their company or employer.

How Is the Training Obtained?

Ministers, please click here to share your current email address.

Please use this form to share your employee information with us so that we may invite them to training!

NYS Sexual Harassment Training

Results of Successfully Completing the Training

Each individual who completes the training will need to print out the certificate of completion. Ministers, CREs,  and those on the approved preaching list will send their certificate to the COMAC co-chairs. Employees of the church will send their certificate to the minister or human resource contact in their church. The presbytery will not print out certificates for individuals nor respond to inquiries regarding completion of an individual’s training who is employed by a church. The presbytery’s responsibility is to send out an email to individuals regarding how they can log in to take the training on the website. For members of the presbytery, COMAC will maintain the list of those who have completed the training.

For additional questions, please contact the temporary presbyter

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