Responding to a variety of concerns surrounding the nomination, evaluation, and funding of Mission Partners, presbytery’s Mission Committee on March 26 listened to stakeholders.

At the next presbytery meeting — Saturday, June 1 — we will offer a recommendation whose key points include…

  • Retain the same six Mission Partners in the 2020 budget as at present.
  • Starting in 2020, take annual applications for Mission-Partner status: open to all, renewable without limit, but required without exception for the next year’s funding cycle.
  • In 2019, develop tools and protocols by which to evaluate annually the effectiveness of Mission Partners.
  • Help Mission Partners tell their stories more effectively to Presbytery, its Sessions and congregations.
  • Visit Sessions and congregations.  Help them to identify passions and opportunities, develop mission engagements, access networks and resources, and learn best practices.
  • In the course of local visits, interpret to churches what happens with the monies they send to Presbytery.
  • Issue letters of thanks to all Sessions/congregations who support Shared Witness giving.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate, during presbytery meetings, the generosity of churches with regard to various missions.

While no one can guarantee funding levels far in advance, we believe that our presbytery should strive to participate in Christ’s wider mission, just as any healthy church would.  This is a matter of leading by example. At the same time, we also need to raise the general awareness. Right now, few constituents can understand – let alone appreciate – what Presbytery does collectively.  So, this is the situation we aim to address. In order to succeed, we will need local cooperation.

Serving Christ together,
Rev. Ted Wright, HR, Mission Committee chair, on behalf of eight other members

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Update: 6/6/19 – This report was given, discussed, and approved at the 6/1/19 Stated Presbytery Meeting in at Hebron United Presbyterian Church. All comments are here for your review, but this document is no longer open for revisions or comment. Any questions can be directed to the Albany Presbytery Officers.  Contact information may be found on the Staff & Officers page of our website.
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About Rev. Ted Wright, HR

Ted rejoined Albany Presbytery, having served previously as pastor at the Presbyterian United Church of Schaghticoke from 1978-1982. Since then he has pastored congregations in Langhorne, PA, and Gaithersburg, MD, and worked for PC(USA) World Mission in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. Ted was the Moderator of the SPAT in 2018 and is now the chairperson of the Albany Presbytery Church Mission Committee.

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