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Maxine Hunter from the Presbytery of Cayuga-Syracuse is the Moderator of Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the Northeast.  Everyone who attended the Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the Northeast Leadership Enhancement Workshop and Annual Business Meeting at Christ the King Spiritual Center in Greenwich, NY received a copy of PW Manual, A Guide for Groups and the now famous PW Manual Trivia Quiz created by Anne Reynolds of the Utica Presbytery.

+This article is repurposed from the Quarterly Newsletter for Presbyterian Women Leaders

In late August, PW in the Synod of the Northeast held their annual business/ leadership enhancement meeting. By early August, details for the meeting were starting to come together, but a thought kept tumbling around in my head: “Business takes care of itself, but what can be done to enhance the leadership of new and returning leaders?”

As a former teacher, I remembered that students really like quality handouts. At about this time, I heard that the new PW manual was available. Hmmm! Maybe I could use some of the registration fee to cover the cost of the manuals? My “hmmm” was interrupted by a call from my friend Anne Reynolds, who is the creator of the leadership program in the Synod of the Northeast, Sisters Stand and Walk Together.

In the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I was thinking of ordering a copy of the new manual for all attendees.  Anne didn’t miss a beat. “What a good idea! I’ll make a trivia quiz! We’ll hand it out on Friday night! They can review the manual during the social hour on Friday evening, and on Saturday we can go over the answers!”

Whew! I said, “You make that quiz, because as soon as I get off the phone I am calling in an order for the manuals.”

And thus, serendipitously, it came pass that the new manuals were passed out at our meeting and the quiz was handed out on Friday evening, some women even working on the quiz during social hour.

The best part of this is that the new manual and the accompanying quiz are now in leaders’ hands around our synod, and that is a happy thing!

Editor’s note: The best part for us is that the manual and quiz will soon be in leaders’ hands all over the country!

Download the quiz from Presbyterian Women (search “PW Manual Quiz”).

At its fall meeting, the CCT recommended that synod reps introduce the updated PW Manual to coordinating teams at the first opportunity. This quiz is the perfect way to do that.

+This article is repurposed from the Quarterly Newsletter for Presbyterian Women Leaders

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