Open Space: Learning Together Before Presbytery Meetings

I’m really excited that Albany Presbytery now offers regular “Open Space” opportunities for presentation or conversation before each stated meeting.

In National Capital Presbytery (2009-2016), I saw this practice work to great advantage.  Many came early to the host facility to engage in topics of their choice. There would be several options, making it hard to decide.

Everyone is Invited – Not Just Those Staying for a Presbytery Meeting

Often I invited non-commissioners (folks not staying for the meeting) because of their interest in a certain conversation or presentation, publicized in advance.

The beauty of Open Space: It’s all-volunteer.  No one has to sit through anything. Compared to presentations during presbytery meetings, Open Space will be longer, freer, and more rewarding.

Committee on Church Mission is Looking Forward to this Time/Opportunity

As chair of your Mission Committee, I look forward to planning some excellent content. But I won’t be alone; anyone can propose ideas via the Stated Clerk. It’s a great way to hold really important discussions. All of us should gain as a result.

Rev. Ted Wright, HR
Valley Falls


Presentations Prior to the Presbytery Meeting

Topics for presentation and conversation can be shared during this time. Reach out to the Stated Clerk to get on the schedule.

**Please be aware that planning for meetings takes a lot of coordination. Although we always want to be accessible, if you can let us know at least a month in advance when proposing a topic, that will help us plan and publicize your Open Space Event.**

Law of Two Feet

The Law of Two Feet means you take responsibility for what you care about using your own two feet to move to the gathering where you can best contribute or learn.

Whoever shows up is who is most important

Whoever is attracted to participate in the conversation are the people who can contribute most to that conversation—because they care. So they are exactly the ones—for the whole group– who are capable of initiating action.

Limited Commitment

We meet for a brief fixed time before the presbytery meeting to provide an introduction to a topic. The Open Space is not the definitive guide to the topic, but an introduction where like minded people can find each other, assess interest, and if they choose they can agree to continue the discussion at another time and place.

For more information, please contact the Albany Presbytery Stated Clerk, Dan Rogers at [email protected].

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