Overtures to the 223rd General Assembly of the PC(USA) meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, from June 16-23, 2018.

Albany Presbytery acted in February and April 2018 to concur with the following overtures that had been submitted by other presbyteries to the Office of the General Assembly and referred to GA committees as noted:

Committee 06 – Church Polity and Ordered Ministry

  • Overture 06-04 – On Amending D-2.0203 Regarding the Definition of “Offense” (submitted by North Alabama Presbytery)
  • Overture 06-07 – On Amending G-2.0509 and D-10.0401d Regarding Renunciation of Jurisdiction (submitted by Twin Cities Area Presbytery)
  • Overture 06-09 – On Amending G-2.0509 – Regarding Renunciation of Jurisdiction (submitted by Central Florida Presbytery)
  • Overture 06-13 – On Instructing the Board of Pensions to Include 12 Weeks of Parental Leave as Part of the Benefits Package (submitted by Boston Presbytery)
  • Overture 06-14 – On Amending G-2.0804, “Terms of Call,” to Include Paid Family Leave. (submitted by Boston Presbytery)
  • Overture 06-15 – On Amending G-3.0303 to Include BOP Participation and Paid Family Leave (submitted by Boston Presbytery)

Committee 11 – Social Justice Issues

  • Overture 11-14 – On Praying for a Movement of the Spirit to Engage Presbyterian Congregations in nation-Wide Action to Prevent Gun Violence (submitted by New Castle Presbytery)
  • Overture 11-17 – On Declaring Where We Stand (submitted by Hudson River Presbytery)
  • Overture 11-18 – On Responding To Racist Nationalism. (The text of this overture was developed by the Governing Board (Session) of the Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church of Saratoga Springs in response to the action of Albany Presbytery on February 10, 2018, but the overture was approved and submitted by Hudson River Presbytery first on April 10, 2018)

Committee 12 – Middle East Issues

  • Overture 12-05 – On Jewish – Christian Dialogue and the Israeli Presence in Palestine (submitted by San Francisco Presbytery)

Committee 14 – Theological & Church Growth Issues and Institutions

  • Overture 14-04 – On Amending W-4.0404 by Adding Constitutional Questions to the Installation of Ministers of Word and Sacrament to be Answered by Members of the Presbytery (submitted by Wabash Valley Presbytery)

The texts of these overtures and the list of other concurring presbyteries may be found on PC-Biz.

Dan Rogers
Stated Clerk, Albany Presbytery
Email: drogers@albanypresbytery.org

About Dan Rogers

Dan is a member of First United Presbyterian Church in Troy and has served as Stated Clerk of the Presbytery since November 2009. He has served the Albany Presbytery in many roles over the years. In 2004, he completed his career as a licensed professional engineer when he retired from Ryan-Biggs Associates, PC, as a Principal Structural Engineer specializing in the design of bridge structures. Dan and his wife, Laura, live in Latham. They have two sons and three grandchildren. In the summer months, he enjoys his summer home on Forest Lake which is east of Troy, NY.

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