PDA Hoosick Falls Response TeamLeft to Right: Jim Ellor, Cully Culpepper, Sally Dyer

The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) National Response Team members returned with an additional team member, Rev. Dr. James Ellor (see bio below) on Friday, April 15th.  The team met with members of Albany Presbytery interested in disaster response to collaborate and prepare for the work in Hoosick Falls. On Saturday, PDA provided workshops and resources for the Hoosick Falls community in Organizing for Long Term Recovery and Building Resilience. The team also attended the “Bowls of Caring” fundraiser and celebration at which several members of the First United Church Presbyterian were honored for their efforts on behalf of the local food pantry.  

Sunday brought a wonderful opportunity to join the First United Church Presbyterian for worship followed by a meal and time of fellowship.  The volunteer team was also joined by Thia Reggio, Synod Staff for PDA.  Thia plays a regional role in disaster response for the Synod and will be following up with Albany Presbytery and Hoosick Falls and we continue to address the disaster.

Let us hold Sally, Cully, Jim and Thia in our prayers–giving thanks to God for the love and care that drew them to answer God’s call to serve our Presbytery in this way.  Let us hold the affected communities in our prayers, for healing and redouble our efforts to serve as stewards of God’s Creation.

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Meet the newest member to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance’s National Response Team for the Hoosick Falls Water Crisis

Jim EllorJim Ellor
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: National Response Team: 2015 Texas Flood State Coordinator

Jim has been a member of PDA/NRT for the past 5 years.  Ordained in the Presbytery of Chicago, he is currently a Parish Associate at First Presbyterian Church of Waco, Texas, Grace Presbytery.  Jim teaches Social Work at Baylor University and Pastoral Care at Asbury Theological Seminary.  He began working to support survivors in times of disaster when his community was asked to develop shelters for persons impacted by Hurricane Katrina.  He designed and continues to support the emotional/spiritual care efforts in West, Texas, after the federalizer plant exploded killing 16 fire fighters and EMTs and injuring over 300 residents and destroying 40% of the homes in the community.  He serves PDA as the Texas Coordinator for PDA’s efforts around the state.

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