What do you do with your Pentecost special offering? More specifically, what do you do with the 40% that is retained by your congregation?

The focus for the Pentecost offering is youth at risk. So, what happens if the youth have all grown up? What if we have no youth in our church? Or, we are not sure what to do with our offering in our community.

This year, youth have started to take center stage in movements. As you prepare for the Pentecost offering this year, the Mission Committee is reminding congregations of this offering and hope to spark some ideas that could help bring Christ’s mission into the lives of so many youths.

  • Maybe it’s donating to March for Our Lives or the Sandy Hook Promise program.
  • Maybe it’s more local; assisting local school teachers with the supplies for students who can’t afford some of the basic necessities.
  • Maybe it’s to a program run by the local community or county that helps youth.

In addition to the 40% of the Offering that you use for your ministry, you can find information about how this Pentecost Special Offering is used by PC(USA) at: Pentecost Special Offering.

Need some ideas on how to make this meaningful for your congregation?

PCUSA is offering a webinar to help congregations and worshipping communities with ideas for interpreting this offering, the work it does, and how sharing in this offering supports the ministry of the church around the world!

Pentecost Offering: A Webinar for Congregation Leaders

These are just some starters to think about. As we celebrate the Easter season, be praying for our youth and discerning what your Pentecost offering will be used for this year. Look for more information the April Presbytery Meeting in Cambridge on April 21st.

Respectfully submitted by the Church Mission Committee
Michael Barron, Roger Ellis, Karen Pollan, Jean Sparks, Katy Stenta, Susan Strang, Connie Vooys, Ted Wright

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