On Monday, July 15, 2019, eighteen delegates boarded a bus at the New Covenant Presbyterian Church in Albany and drove overnight to Purdue University in Indiana to attend PYT (Presbyterian Youth Triennium).

Youth delegates included: Matthew Taylor (Trinity); Sierra Brower and Bianca Ropeter (Mayfield); Brianna Obi, Dorothy Sperry, Lydia Green, Pharryll Elad & Luke Eaton (First Pres Albany) and Henry & Agnes Sowah, Andy & Alex Scaptura, Caleb Karkari-Mensah, David Adjei (Westminster). Chaperones: Jerry McKinney (UC of Granville), Araglin Kite, Roger Green & Christy D’Ambrosio (First Pres Albany).

We spent the week in worship, study & fellowship…not to mention walking around the huge campus with a heat index well above 100 degrees. What a Week! We returned to Albany Very Early Sunday morning 7/21 (Sorry Parents!). Thank you both Youth and Adults for participating in this enriching experience and Thank You Albany Presbytery for making it possible.

Click on the videos below to see and hear testimonials from two delegates, and please be sure to visit Albany Presbytery’s YouTube page to view more video testimonials from our trip.


About Christy D'Ambrosio

Christy is the official Albany Presbytery Registrar for Triennium as well as the Youth Director for the First Presbyterian Church in Albany. You can reach her at christy@firstpresalbany.org and on her cell phone 518-423-4763.

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