On November 15, after hearing synod appointees discuss findings and recommendations from a long-awaited report, several commissioners to the Albany Presbytery meeting submitted thoughts regarding ways forward.  These thoughts came in response to an announced 4-hour event in which to process the SARC report, using the help of a skilled facilitator.

Our Staffing Process Advisory Team (SPAT) proposed to arrange the event.  Ted Wright, SPAT moderator, invited one and all to suggest topics of particular interest.

Those which came up most prominently were:

  • How do we establish a culture of wider participation and deeper trust?
  • Why did the SARC report redact certain names, but publish others?  What’s the difference between confidentiality and secretiveness?
  • How can we reconcile, when some parties are not named?
  • What have been our experiences of being shamed and/or bullied?
  • Explore more fully the “savior” dynamic.
  • Help presbytery understand some basic systems theory.
  • Explain the saga of anonymous emails.
  • Are we really willing to do the work?

SPAT thanks all those who submitted their suggestions.  Others may join the conversation by logging on to our online Google Groups forum: details available on the Transitional Planning page of the Albany Presbytery website.  Once we have a facilitator’s confirmation, we will announce details concerning the SARC follow-up event.  Our team is thinking about a Saturday in January, 10:00 to 2:00 at New Covenant Church in Albany.

About Rev. Ted Wright, HR

Ted rejoined Albany Presbytery, having served previously as pastor at the Presbyterian United Church of Schaghticoke from 1978-1982. Since then he has pastored congregations in Langhorne, PA, and Gaithersburg, MD, and worked for PC(USA) World Mission in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. Ted was the Moderator of the SPAT in 2018 and is now the chairperson of the Albany Presbytery Church Mission Committee.

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