Building Assessments

We who are Albany Presbytery, agreed to take on the work of assessing each of our church buildings and finances to help us prioritize work that needs to be done and to get an accurate sense of our assets.  We agreed at the January 2016 Presbytery meeting that this would help us identify our resources and limitations.  As we began to gather the information we learned that:

  • Some of our congregations are finding the weight of delayed maintenance to be overwhelming. Getting a more realistic assessment has helped break down the work into manageable projects or has hastened the awareness that their building is beyond repair.
  • Some congregations are realizing that inspections (fire extinguishers, boilers, etc.) have not been kept up to date. Or what seemed to be a simple problem will require more immediate or more expensive attention.
  • Some congregations are taking risks with new ministries and renewed financial stewardship in the cause of making their property once again “a tool for the accomplishment of the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.” G4.0203

Armed with information, together as a presbytery, we can offer support and develop responses like;

  • Churches helping churches. Skilled members of other congregations can advise and direct a struggling congregation in areas of property management.
  • Offering grants and loans through Presbytery trustees.
  • Co-signing on PILF loans through the Presbyterian Foundation.
  • Providing training for Property Committees, helping congregations develop procedures that can pass from generation to generation of property committees.
  • Helping in initiating a Capital Campaign or stewardship program.

This program was highlighted the September 2017 – Second Edition of E-News (our newsletter that is sent our twice a month.  Click here to read that newsletter.

For more information, you may read this article: Get Your Church Building Inspected & Evaluated for Free

If your congregation would like to have your buildings inspected, call the Presbytery Office at (518) 273-4991 or email Don Drew,


  1. Church Building Survey

Please take this survey about your congregation’s buildings.

  1. Church Financial Health Calculator

Please take this survey from the Presbyterian Foundation and forward a copy of the PDF to

  1. NYSERDA Free Energy Audit

Go to this site to apply for your free audit:

EVERY YEAR (per Book of Order): 

  1. Annual Reports
  1. Statistical Reports (including financial reports for 2014, 2015, and 2016).

Confirm that Annual Reports have been sent to the Stated Clerk. If not please send electronically to: Or hard copy to: Albany Presbytery, PO Box 83, Watervliet NY 12189.