The Presbytery Post – September 6, 2022

 Saratoga Springs Peace Week


Saratoga Peace Week commemorates the annual UN International Day of Peace (9/21) with a week of events promoting peace at home, in the community, in the nation, and in the world.

Peace Week 2022 will bring free music, art workshops, storytellers, yoga, educational programs, labyrinth walks, Drag Gospel Singers, and much, much more to Saratoga. There will be events for people of all ages and interests.   Visit our Peace Week Calendar!

As God’s beloved children, let us pray that Divine Light shine on the nations, the earth, and all those in need.

For your beloved in war torn areas around the globe, and for areas like Ukraine and Palestine, where foreign occupiers are forcefully controlling villages and territories, we pray for peaceful paths toward justice;

For your beloved earth, which is crying out by means of unheard of flooding and drought, including Pakistan as the monsoon has already submerged a third of the country and at least 1,136 people have been killed in the flooding since June, and homes, crops, and infrastructure have been continually destroyed; and droughts in Horn of Africa which has the potential to push more than 22 million people into starvation and in Europe, which is experiencing their worst drought in 500 years, with many rivers running dry, we pray for sustainable paths toward renewal;

For signs of your people coming together to aid one another, like the United Nations vessel carrying 23,000 tons of wheat from Ukraine, even in the midst of their conflict, to the drought-stricken Horn of Africa, and for Colombia’s push to reestablish diplomatic relations with Venezuela and the United States of America, we pray for more examples of your love to guide each of us into more loving acts;

For all who suffer in ways known and unknown, we pray for your comfort to touch them;

And for all those who care for your people and world, we pray for your guidance and strength.

Holy One, let the design of your great light shine peace among nations, healing on your earth, and love in our hearts. God unbound by time, help us to know that you are already present in the future we are simultaneously fearing and hoping for. Amen.

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