I recently volunteered to serve on the Staffing Task Force chaired by the Rev. Michael Burkley. I had been part of almost every discussion with Staffing Process Advisory Team (SPAT) over the previous two years. As I decided to serve on the new Staffing Task Force, I was sharing with the Clerk of Session and the Administrative Assistant at Schaghticoke the progress to date. Both commented that they had not been asked their opinions and thoughts about staffing.

Hearing this, I realized that Church Clerks and Secretaries/Administrative Assistant/Office Administrators all have reasons to engage with Presbytery every year and perhaps we should also ask them for input regarding their engagements and needs. I talked briefly with Michael and asked Kim Deal, Communications Manager, for help in designing a brief survey.

Please fill out the survey below and share it with others.

The SPAT process intentionally reached out to active pastors and moderators however, we have not yet had the opportunity to connect with many others in our presbytery.

Church Clerks, Secretaries / Administrative Assistants / Office Administrators, General Church Staff, and Officers of your church community may all have reasons to engage with Presbytery every year. We are taking this opportunity to reach out and ask anyone interested in participating for input regarding their engagements and needs with Albany Presbytery Staff.

We have designed this survey specifically with Clerks and Administrative Assistants/Secretaries in mind to complete online via the Presbytery Website.

Having said that, we welcome ANYONE who would like to participate to share thoughts and suggestions. Please forward to those you believe would like to participate and provide feedback to us.

This survey is also available on the Clerks of the Session page of the Albany Presbytery website.

If for some reason you cannot complete it, please contact me via email at lenhardyny@gmail.com.

Let your voice be heard and recorded. It’s your Presbytery too.

Lynne Hardy


Update 04/16/19

This survey has been closed. You are always welcome to provide feedback to anyone you prefer via our Staff & Officers Page.

About Rev. Lynne Hardy

Rev. Lynne Hardy is a supply pastor serving for the last five years as moderator to Schaghticoke Presbyterian Church as well as their consistent contracted pastor. She is not currently serving on any presbytery committees on a regular basis however, she as participated in the Staffing Process Advisory Team (SPAT) process and currently serves on the Staffing Task Force. She lives in Stillwater, NY and works full-time as a nurse consultant for United Health when she is not focused on church and community care work in and for Schaghticoke Presbyterian Church.

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