Over the years I have learned that it takes people awhile to find money. Seems odd, but it’s true. It may be that when we are convinced that there is no “free lunch,” and we wonder if there is a “catch.”  But when it comes to Albany Presbytery’s Campership program, I can guarantee you there is no “catch.”  Really, it is free money to support our kids going to camp.

The fund was created after the close of the Hebron Center. The thought at the time was we could send our kids to camp for less money than it cost to keep the Center open.  So, from the time of its closure seven years ago, the presbytery has sent aside funds to send kids to church-based summer camp.

Each year more and more parents and youth leaders are discovering this amazing resource. That is the good news.  The bad news is that are the Presbytery’s budget gets tighter and tighter, the amount for Camperships gets a little tighter too.  This year the Campership fund is limited to $5,000. In response we’ve had to make some adjustments to our policy.  

First, the amount is being reduced from $300 to $275 for a child attending a Church camp that Albany is part of the Formula of Agreement, which includes Camp Fowler, Skye Farm, and the Holmes Camp.  The amount for non-Formula of Agreement camps stays the same. (Special note for Camp Fowler registrations: Please, register online and make your down payment. If you receive a campership you will be given a code for you to insert on your child’s application, which will cover the rest of the registration).

Second, priority will be given to summer camping experiences.  Youth conferences and work camp or mission experiences will be put on a waiting list.  

Those seeking a “campership” are asked to fill out the form from the website Youth Page on the Albany Presbytery website.

The applications need to be received by the presbytery office NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MAY 26.  Scholarships need to be received by camps by June 1, so it is imperative that we receive all applications before then.  

Please note that Campership fund is not unlimited.  Preference is given first come, first serve, so please do not delay.  When the fund runs out for this year, that will be it.

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer at the Albany Presbytery officeinfo@albanypresbytery.org.

About Rev. Dr. Tim Coombs

Tim Coombs serves as co-pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Scotia, NY with his wife, Rev. Kathleen Gorman-Coombs and leads a New Worshiping Community, Parallels (https://www.facebook.com/ParallelsNWC). He also worked on staff at Albany Presbytery for over a decade. Besides his work for the church, Tim is a storyteller, biker, guitar player, and intern to his cat, Sharpie. You can reach Tim at: pastortim@scotiatrinity.org

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