Second Annual Convention of Northeast Presbyteries by Arthur Fullerton

Though the normal response to an invitation to a Synod meeting might be “What sin have I committed to be punished so?”, in fact the Synod of the Northeast Second Annual Convention of Presbyteries was a great opportunity for fellowship and learning about what some of our fellow presbyteries are doing to embrace 21st century ministry. We had representatives from 21 out of 22 presbyteries in attendance at the Desmond Conference Center near the Albany Airport. While no official policy changes were discussed, the emphasis was on how could we better cooperate and share resources across presbytery lines and even whether those lines as currently drawn still made sense.

Past moderator Jerry McKinney was in attendance as were current Moderator Cara Molyneaux, Vice-Moderator Arthur Fullerton, and Transitional Presbyter Shannan Vance-Ocampo.  In addition long time Albany Presbytery former member David Bennett was in attendance representing the Presbytery of Northern New York.

Look for more discussions and a possible regional presbytery gathering to follow. In conclusion, if you ever have the opportunity to go to the Desmond, don’t miss the bread pudding.

Arthur Fullerton is a Ruling Elder at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Albany, NY, past chair of Board of Trustees, current chair of the Budget Committee, and Vice-Moderator of Albany Presbytery.  He consults with nonprofits about fundraising and organizational leadership.

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