Witnessing Community by Michael Plank

Not one person has called me to say they want to join our gym because they’re looking for a community.  They come looking for a physical transformation.  Those transformations are powerful to see.  In the last year alone, we had one woman who had struggled with Diabetes for years who was finally able to completely get off her insulin pump.  We had another woman who broke her back in an accident 17 … [Read more...]

A New Wind Blowing in the ADKs by Lucy Harris

Adirondack Church Without Walls (ChurchWow) has entered into its second year as a New Worshiping Community, and we are excited about the things that are happening. It seems the Spirit is breathing and moving in new and sometimes unexpected ways, and opening new doors for the work of ministry in the southern Adirondacks. To begin with, I am now serving in a part time pastoral role at Kingsbury … [Read more...]