Statement on the Tree of Life Synagogue Murders and Our Lives Together

Eleven Dead in Attack on Jewish Service. The headline came as it does these days, not as a shock - - for our society has become too violent for murder even on an unprecedented scale to shock -- but as a clear sign that evil stalks the places we used to think of as safe – the synagogue, the mosque, the church, the school, the neighborhood business. The Bible tells us God said, Thou shalt not … [Read more...]

Faith’s Role in Community Renewal: Come to Johnstown, July 10-12 by Leonard Sponaugle

So this is how I am spending my Summer vacation. (Not to worry, I will be taking a real vacation!) My setting for ministry is in an area that has been in long-term economic decline. That affects so much of the ministry here. As with many churches, we view this as an opportunity to shared God’s love with our communities. In a press release to promote the upcoming “An Urban-Rural Dialogue” … [Read more...]

Resolution on a Way Forward in Angry and Anxious Times

This resolution was brought to the Presbytery at its February 4, 2017 Stated Meeting by the Peacemaking Task Force.  It came out of a deep concern around increased racial and anti-immigrant violence in the Presbytery that has been occurring for the last few months.  It was unanimously approved and added to the minutes of that meeting.   This is a time of deep divisions in our nation, within … [Read more...]