Traveling 20 hours via bus to and from Triennium may not sound like a terrific time to any sane adult, so, when Shannan Vance-Ocampo suggested we investigate flying to the Triennium event, I thought, “What a Great Idea!”  As it turns out, the cost was prohibitive, but it was interesting to note that many youth were disappointed with the prospect of flying.  

“We would rather drive because we feel that that’s a way for us to bond with each other and others from the Presbytery.”

“Traveling by bus to Indiana was an experience all its own.”  

“There’s something about being on a bus for over 10 hours.  It’s indescribable.”

“The bus ride home was honestly so cool.  After the five days we had all bonded.  We made a mash-up to Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’ and Jessie J’s ‘Pricetag.'”

It seems the cost of transportation and the desires of the youth have won the day, but the next time you see Rebecca Putman, Jerry McKinney, and David Haase, remember:  Offer up your praise and possibly, adulation.

Here is a list of Presbyterian Youth Triennium (PYT 2016) Delegates attending from Albany Presbytery:


Work Crew:

First Presbyterian Church in Albany:

  • Mia Robinson First Pres, Albany Youth
  • Lauren Kuo First Pres, Albany Youth
  • Katie Lamar First Pres, Albany Youth
  • Jenna Scarlett First Pres, Albany Youth
  • Akap Takor First Pres, Albany Youth
  • Arthur Iyok First Pres, Albany Youth
  • Maggie Robinson First Pres, Albany Youth
  • Jordan Scarlett First Pres, Albany Youth
  • Imani Elad First Pres, Albany Youth

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Albany:

  • Anni-Maxine Quaye Westminster Youth
  • Robert Quaye Westminster Youth
  • Sofia Ocampo-Vance Westminster Youth
  • Nannono Zirimu Westminster Youth
  • Salomon Hassan Westminster Youth
  • Annatacha Tay Westminster Youth
  • Joseph Reisner Westminster Youth
  • Charlie Reisner Westminster Youth

Trinity Presbyterian Church:

  • Rhett Parsons Trinity Youth
  • Blaine Parsons Trinity Youth

Broadalbin First Presbyterian Church:

  • Caitlin Snyder Broadalbin Youth

Christ’s Church of the Hills:

  • Madyson Mulyca Christ’s Church of the Hills Youth

Presbytery of Northern New York:

  • Daniel Caamano First Pres, Potsdam, NNY Youth
  • Alex Wilson NNY Presbytery Youth
  • Lily Wilson NNY Presbytery Youth

Presbyterian Youth Triennium is July 19 – July 23.  Our delegates have committed to blogging during their time.  You can follow updates on our Albany Presbytery website and our social media channels:

Albany Presbytery Blog Site

Editorial Note: Here is a complete listing of all the information regarding the Albany Presbytery Delegation heading to Triennium:

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