Reflections from the 2013 Albany Delegation to Presbyterian Youth Triennium (PYT)

Roving Reporter, Christy D’Ambrosio (aka Albany Presbytery Triennium Registrar) has tracked down delegates from Triennium 2013.  Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

EmmaEmma Eisenbraun

I remember that I really liked the small groups we were put into. My group leader was really great, and I really enjoyed meeting new people from across the country. We had some great discussions, both about spirituality and not. I distinctly remember our group bonding over our love of the band Coldplay.




HollyEmma Holly

I loved my small group. It was awesome. We had so many different people from so many backgrounds. I think my best experience was the worship on the lawn. It was beautiful and almost ethereal with the candles. I really felt connected to the Triennium community. I met a girl named Caroline from Charlotte, NC. We are still friends today and talk all the time. It’s wonderful. The bus ride back from Triennium was honestly so cool. After the five days, we had all bonded so much. We made a mash up to Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours and Jessie J’s Pricetag. It was amazing! I would recommend everyone and anyone to attend Triennium. It’s life-changing.



MargaretMargaret Leupold

I loved the outdoor worship where all 4,000 of us got to light a candle. It was as if you could see the Holy Spirit traveling through the group as each new candle was lit.







AndyAndy Scaptura

One thing that really impacted me was the people that I met. All of the people were really nice and cool.







AlexAlex Scaptura

I personally loved the energizers that we did in worship, I also loved my small group!!!!!!!!!!







PYT 2013 VideoA few from our delegation were brave enough to go on camera.  Watch their reflections in this video! (Click on the image or go directly to:


Great Value: Yes, there is a cost, but what a great value!

Cost is a concern for everyone, but we hope that registration ($505) plus transportation will be around $750 per person.  This sounds like a big number, but keep in mind that we are using the 1/3 method of financing for this event.  The Presbytery will pay $250 per person.  Each home church will pay $250 per person.  This leaves $250 per person, which can be reduced through scholarship and fundraising.  Any monies that the Presbytery receives from Triennium or other sources to help defer cost will go directly to reducing the final $250 for each individual and this will not be due until next spring.  We are looking at a lifetime experience for one week that will cost an individual $250.  Give it some thought!

Take the time to consider this NOW…it will be here before you know it.

Applications are being distributed to establish “soft commitments.”  These “soft commitments” will help determine the mode of transportation and provide Triennium with a “guestimate.”  If you are interested, please consider filling out an application.  We already have 26 participants and many more have expressed an interest.  Join us!

Come join us for your once-in-a-lifetime experience this summer at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium.

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