Introducing Victor Doe, Student Pastor at Mayfield Presbyterian Church

We are delighted to welcome Victor Doe as an student pastor in the Albany Presbytery serving at Mayfield Presbyterian Church.  We wanted to take a moment to connect and learn a little more about him.

Before we get started, can you tell us a little bit about where you grew up, any siblings, your family, etc?

I was born unto the union of Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Doe, in Bong County Central Liberia. The Union is blessed with eight children, five girls and three boys. My parents were not educated, but they ensured that all their children acquired formal education. They installed in their children strong moral values and the respect for people regardless of their status.

In 1985, I migrated to the north-eastern Margibi County. I later enrolled at the Lango Lippaye High School to continue my secondary education. Following my graduation, I moved to Monrovia, the capital city to seek further education.

Why trying to enter college, on December 24, 1990, Liberia was plunged into a brutal civil unrest. A war that lasted fifteen years. For the fear of my life, I fled the country and sought refuge in the Ivory Coast and subsequently to Ghana.

When the war subsided in 1998, I returned to Liberia and reunited with my family. On November 5, 2000, I accepted Christ as my Personal Lord and Savior. After three months of discipleship training, I was baptized and subsequently began an active member of the Trinity Healing Temple Ministry. A pentecostal Church.

As my activities in the church deepened, the leadership of the church sensed the called of God upon my life. On several occasions, I shun the leadership affirmation on grounds that I was shy and not prepared for full time ministry. I never dreamed of full-time ministry. Moreover, I was deeply worried about the economic well-being of my family; should I accept going into full-time ministry where pastors in Liberia are underpaid. However, following months of inner searching and prayers, I sensed God’s call to the Gospel ministry.

In 2011, God provided me a scholarship to attend the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary.

To equip myself for effective ministry. In 2015, I graduated with a bachelor degree in Christian Education.

In 2016, God provided me another scholarship to attend Princeton Theological Seminary. At Princeton am studying Christian Education and Formation. Barely three months before coming to Princeton, I was ordained as pastor. I am married to beautiful Mrs. Marlene N. Doe. This union is blessed with a daughter. She is called Jasmine and she turns seven on September 11, 2017.

Share with us a little about your hobbies?

My hobbies are: Out-going, reading, movies, horse riding.

My interests are: Capacity building, developing relationship and assistance to the needy.

How did you connect with PC(USA)?

Actually, I do not know much about PC(USA). All I can remembered is in 2014, I came in contact with Rev. Thomas Wilson, an alumni from Princeton Theological Seminary.  He taught me at Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary.  I was encouraged by Rev. Wilson to applied for scholarship at the Princeton Seminary. Upon my graduation in 2015, I applied and was admitted but was denied a scholarship on ground that there was no funding for my scholarship. As God would have it; nine days later I received an email which said “we now have funding for your scholarship.” And this is how I came to Princeton. To God be the glory.

As an International student, I was accepted as student Pastor by Rev. Bonnie M. Orth, Pastor of  Mayfield Presbyterian Central Church. As my supervisor, Rev. Bonnie thought it will be good to exchange ideas about our denominational background. And she wished to teach me more about PC(USA).

Tell us about your ministry at the Mayfield Presbyterian Church.

I served as student pastor at Mayfield Presbyterian Church. Part of my duty is to assist my supervisor ( Rev. Bonnie M. Orth) with ministry work. Some of my responsibilities are as follows: Teaching Bible Study, Participating in worship service, preaching, visitations, weddings, funeral services etc.

What brings you joy in your ministry?

What brings me in joy in ministry is working with people. People that are less fortunate, people that are hurting, and people that are abandoned.  My goal after graduation is to open a Christian based school in Liberan for less fortunate children.

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