What does biology have to do with communications?

MultichannelCommunications…The way people engage with each other is more complex than ever before.  Whether we are interacting with our world via conversation, reading content online, reading on our phones, listening on the radio, etc, our busy lives demand that we find information we are looking for quickly and in easily digestible chunks.

There is a lot of good work happening within the Albany Presbytery.  As a Christian attending a church with our Presbytery, I can tell you that is energizing, but more needs to be done to share this news and provide opportunities for our communities to be engaging back with us.

In this new role of Communications Manager for the Albany Presbytery, a priority for me is to create a communication plan to effectively share our good works.  I am sure many of you can easily identify specific communications vehicles available today to engage with your communities.  This is important, but what is even more critical is thinking of how these options work together to amplify a message.  It is not enough to stay isolated our own communities.

EcosystemWhat does biology have to do with communications?

When thinking of our communication tools, I prefer to think of them more like an Ecosytem – a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a system.

Apply this analogy to our Communication Tools.  We need strong content on our website, that can then be amplified through our social media channels, blogs, newsletters, etc.  Each communications vehicle should point to another for further information, conversation or simple engagement.  We need to be sharing information to our communities and amplifying your stories through our collective channels.

In the near future, you will see our communication communities grow as we become more aware of each other and share the MANY, MANY great stories and opportunities that are occurring because of you.

Where do we start? Let’s start with our Congregations and Ministries.

  • Check the new Albany Presbytery’s Website under Ministries and made sure your basic information is current.
  • Do you have a website? Do we have the most current website listed?
  • Do you have a Facebook page? Have we “Liked” it? (We can’t see what is happening if we can’t find your page.)
  • Do you have Twitter Profile?
  • Do you have a YouTube Channel?
  • What communication tools are you using as part of your ecosystem?

We are building out our Albany Presbytery “ecosystem” and you are a big part of it.  Please send any updates or relevant communications contact info to [email protected] and together let’s work to make our CKim Pres Blog Picommunications Ecosystem as stable and healthy as ever!

Kim is the Communications Manager for the Albany Presbytery.  Outside of this role, she is passionate about her family and inspiring people to grow and contribute in meaningful ways.  You can reach Kim at [email protected]