Obviously the answer to that question can take many forms, but I’m prejudiced. I think a great answer is by tutoring at the Wizard’s Wardrobe!

We are a one-on-one after school tutoring program that was started by members of First Presbyterian Church and others. We work on reading, writing and thinking skills, in addition to reading to the student to increase listening vocabulary. Starting with 1st and 2nd graders, we help the children of Albany’s South End to achieve success through literacy. Once in the program, we will continue to work with them through elementary school.

And now YOU have a chance to join us. Come visit our space at 20 Rensselaer Street on September 16th  & 23rd. Our training is done over two Saturdays and will include awareness of our own biases, what stress does to the brain, methods of engaging students that live in poverty, as well as specific reading and writing techniques.

It will run from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM both Saturdays. Munchies and libations will be provided, as well as all materials. Just bring a sandwich for lunch. Come around to the back of the building to enter. It really is exciting to see a child’s eyes grow big when they begin to understand a new idea – a smile lights up their faces when they complete a puzzle or grasp a new concept.

Details for this event can be found here: Wizard’s Wardrobe Tutor Training

Just give me a call at 518-776-0664 to let me know you’re coming, so we have enough materials and refreshments on hand. If you can’t make our training session, but are interested in learning more, please feel free to call me and the number above or you may email me.

Debra Fagans is temporarily filling in the position of Volunteer Executive Director of the South End Neighborhood Tutors (known as the Wizard’s Wardrobe to those who are truly cool) until a real one can be magically found. A non-ruling elder (or is that unruly?) at First Presbyterian Church, Albany, she has a background in education and taught elementary school in PA and NJ. She also worked as Program Coordinator for Literacy Volunteers and trained adults to teach adults in Troy.

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