New Worshiping Communities & Fellowships

Earth Church (NWC)

Earth Church is re-contextualizing church, re-claiming ritual and liturgy, and re-forming how each of us relates to the environment and each other. Located at Roxbury Farm in Kinderhook, NY they look to the farmscape as a laboratory for exploring our sacred covenant with God to steward the earth.


Parallels New Worshiping Community

People love stories.  We all have them. We all love to listen to them. Parallels New Worshiping Community (Parallels NWC) seeks to lay biblical stories along side our own stories. The basic premise is to pick a theme for the service then a story from the Bible based on that theme is told. Two or three other people tell their personal stories based on the theme of the service. The Bible story and the personal stories are laid parallel to one another. The Biblical story informs the way we hear the personal stories and the personal stories in turn helps us hear new things in the Biblical story.

TrailPraisers (NWC)

An experiential worship service, designed to be inclusive of individuals with all abilities and mental capacities. A place where the abled and differently-abled, the neurotypical and non-neurotypical are invited to a worship that invites each individual to experience and make their own path to God. Come to an Interactive Worship that has optional elements (Spoken, Physical, Creative, Musical, Meditational) to include all peoples, abilities, and faiths while we explore God together. At this time, we are presenting a Christian perspective, however we are open to working with you. Contact us if you would like to talk about what possibilities may exist. Learn more at the TrailPraisers Web Page and TrailPraisers Facebook Page.

Underwood Park CrossFit (NWC)

Our physical existence is a universal part of the human experience, but it is a part often neglected by the Church. To address physical humanity and to spread the Gospel of Christ, Michael Plank and Lauren Grogan planted a worshiping community within a business that can financially support it. They opened Underwood Park CrossFit in Fort Edward, NY in November 2014, breathing life into a vacant building that has been central to the town since the late 1800’s. We believe that spiritual growth happens in the midst of a strong community so every Friday evening, people gather to work out while exploring the ways God is calling us to take care of our bodies and the health of our communities. The energy is contagious, the growth is tangible, the Spirit moves with us through every pull up, squat and sweaty high five.