New Worshiping Communities & Fellowships

Adirondack Church Without Walls

adkchurchwow-300x225Adirondack Church Without Walls (Adk Church WoW) is a welcoming alternative worshiping community, which seeks to meet the needs of people who are not drawn to “traditional” forms of church and worship.  No one is excluded from this community on the basis of age, gender, race, orientation, or any other human condition. We welcome those who have faith, those who are seeking, and those who are skeptics, and encourage the whole community to learn from one another in our differences and in our common journey.

Pakistani American Fellowship

Since 2002, the Pakistani American Fellowship (PAF) has grown from a couple of dozen who met in homes to a congregation of more than one hundred, including many children.  At a recent anniversary celebration, over 150 attended including visiting dignitaries.

For more information about fellowship meetings in Albany, please call Rev. Nadeem Sadiq.
Telephone: 518-813-8516
Pastoral Leadership: Rev. Nadeem Sadiq

Underwood Park CrossFit

crossfit-logo-300x148Our physical existence is a universal part of the human experience, but it is a part often neglected by the Church. To address physical humanity and to spread the Gospel of Christ, Michael Plank and Lauren Grogan planted a worshiping community within a business that can financially support it.  They opened Underwood Park CrossFit in Fort Edward, NY in November 2014, breathing life into a vacant building that has been central to the town since the late 1800’s. We believe that spiritual growth happens in the midst of a strong community so every Friday evening, people gather to work out while exploring the ways God is calling us to take care of our bodies and the health of our communities.  The energy is contagious, the growth is tangible, the Spirit moves with us through every pull up, squat and sweaty high five.