Application for Campership

Summer Camp “Camperships” Policy — This fund is provided by Albany Presbytery and administered by presbytery staff. Grants are available to children and youth of Albany Presbytery member congregations/worshiping communities to attend a Christian summer camp. Please read through the updated Full Campership Policy for information before submitting your application.If awarded, campership funds will be sent directly to the camp in your child’s name. Please note: The campership fund is limited each year so, unfortunately, once all funds are claimed, the application process closes.

We plan to begin sharing information regarding the 2019 Camperships in February. Please check back for details. Please note that the application form for 2019 is not currently open and is available for testing purposes only. If you complete this form in January 2019 and submit an entry, it will NOT be included. Please check back in February 2019. All entries are date and time stamped.

If you have any questions, please contact Albany Presbytery via email at