Committees and Groups

Presbytery Coordination Committee

The Coordination Committee is comprised of the Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Stated Clerk, General Presbyter, Administrative/Communications staff,  Presbytery Chaplain & Representatives from every Committee, Board, Team, Task Force & Presbyterian Women to communicate and share information related to their work to carry out the Presbytery’s mission.  They also review draft agendas and are consulted regarding the planning of Stated and Special Called Meetings of the presbytery.  The Vice-Moderator serves as the facilitator for this committee. 

Committee on Ministers and Congregations (COMAC)

Co-Chairs: Rev. Kathi Jones & Rev. Ken Applegate

The Committee on Ministers and Congregations is tasked with carrying out the following aspects of the Presbytery’s work:

  • Serve as pastor and counselor to all Ministers and Commissioned Ruling Elders
  • Facilitate relationships between congregations and Ministers and Commissioned Ruling Elders
  • Counsel with a session concerning reported difficulties within a congregation, recommending the formation of Administrative Commissions when appropriate. 
  • Propose minimum compensation standards for pastoral calls and contracts to the presbytery
  • Administer the Presbytery’s financial support for ministers and congregations
  • After examination, recommend to presbytery to receive Ministers by transfer from other presbyteries
  • COMAC Commissioned to: appoint administrative commissions for the purpose of ordaining and installing Ministers and Commissioning Ruling Elders to particular pastoral service, approve terms of call and contracts for Ministers and Commissioned Ruling Elders, and approve the annual reviews of all teaching elders engaged in validated ministries outside the congregation.

Board of Trustees

The Albany Presbytery has a board of seven trustees comprised of both ruling and teaching elders. Collectively these officers have a fiduciary duty to look after the property, financial and legal affairs of the presbytery. 

Co-Chairs: Rev. Kate Kotfila, Honorably Retired Minister & Ruth Pierpont, Ruling Elder from Cornerstone Community Church

Presbytery Treasurer: Rev. Donna Elia, Minister Member, Troy Area United Ministries

Committee on Church Mission

Co-Chairs: RE Ken Killian and RE Darren Gundrum

The Committee on Church Mission is tasked with carrying out the following aspects of the Presbytery’s mission & ministry:

  • Develop ways to engage the presbytery in the mission work of its mission partners, campus ministries, validated ministries, new congregations/worshipping communities and other non-congregational entities in fulfilling the mission of God in Christ, as guided by the Great Ends of the Church (F-1.0304)
  • Encourage ministry partnerships among congregations, regions, and ecumenical and interfaith organizations which fulfill the mission of church
  • Propose and administer the Presbytery’s financial support for church mission
  • Support the work of the Peacemaking Task Force & Guatemala Partnership Task Force

Committee on Budget & Finance

Chair: Rev. Eric Simon, First Presbyterian Church of Ballston Spa

The Committee on Budget & Finance is commissioned to carry out aspects of the Presbytery’s work by proposing a budget for annual operating expenses and the means for funding it the operating budget, conducting the annual financial review, presenting financial reports to the Presbytery, and coordinating with the Board of Trustees concerning financial issues impacting the Presbytery budget. 

Committee on Leadership Development

Chair: Rev. Glenn Leupold, Co-Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Albany

The Committee on Leadership Development is tasked with carrying out the following:  

  • Care for and supervision of candidates and inquirers for ordination as Teaching Elders supervise the preparation of Commissioned Ruling Elders
  • Work with the Committee on Coordination to develop and implement regular plans for growth in leadership skills for those serving in various capacities within the Presbytery, including an annual retreat to train Presbytery leaders.
  • Support the development of Ruling Elders who are discerning a call to pastoral ministry and oversee their educational and formation process, examining, certifying and recommending those ready to be commissioned to particular pastoral service.  
  • The Committee is commissioned to: enroll/dis-enroll inquirers, transfer inquirers and candidates to other presbyteries, receive inquirers and candidates by transfer from other presbyteries, perform annual consultations with inquirers and candidates, and certify candidates ready to receive a call.


Committee on Representation & Nominations

Chair: Rev. Andrea Holroyd

The Committee on Representation & Nominations:

  • Advises the Presbytery regarding the implementation of principles of unity and diversity
  • Advocates for diversity in Presbytery leadership
  • Consults with the Presbytery on the employment of personnel, in accordance with the principles of unity and diversity in F-1.0403
  • Actively seeks to discern with teaching and ruling elders how they may best serve the presbytery in positions requiring election by the Presbytery.
  • Ensures that nominations are broadly representative of the Presbytery and in conformity with the church’s commitment to unity in diversity (F-1.0403)

Personnel Committee

Chair: Rev. Kyle Delhagen

The Committee on Personnel is tasked with carrying out the Presbytery’s work by developing and administering the Albany Presbytery Personnel Policies & Practices of the presbytery, designing and proposing presbytery staffing position descriptions and compensation, reviewing the work of presbytery staff, providing care and support for all presbytery employees and facilitating the process for employing and terminating presbytery employees. 

Permanent Judicial Commission

The Permanent Judicial Commission is elected by the presbytery [seven members in total serving 6-year, non-renewable terms] commissioned to consider and decide cases of process for the Presbytery according to the Rules of Church Discipline. 

Questions about judicial process or to file a complaint within the presbytery or in a congregation, please reach out to the Stated Clerk, Rev. David Bennett.