Presbyters Respond to the SARC Report by Ted Wright

On November 15, after hearing synod appointees discuss findings and recommendations from a long-awaited report, several commissioners to the Albany Presbytery meeting submitted thoughts regarding ways forward.  These thoughts came in response to an announced 4-hour event in which to process the SARC report, using the help of a skilled facilitator. Our Staffing Process Advisory Team (SPAT) … [Read more...]

Reflections on the SARC Report from the Staffing Process Advisory Team (SPAT)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ: The final report of the Synod of the Northeast Administrative Review Committee (SARC) for Albany Presbytery is now available on the presbytery website on the Presbytery Meetings page of the website.  On Nov. 15, members of the SARC will present it in person during our meeting at Saratoga.  Having been charged on your behalf with designing a process to help … [Read more...]

Guatemala Partnership Invites You to Join Us in Aiding those Affected by Natural Disasters in Guatemala & Elsewhere

In 2015, the Albany Presbytery Guatemala Partnership invited congregations and others in the Presbytery to give funds to provide for Water Filters for Guatemalan families.  These filters, called “Eco-filters” were designed and are made in Guatemala.  This means that they were created specifically for the kind of purification needed in Guatemala, and that their manufacture and sale provides jobs … [Read more...]

Elder Communion Training for Albany Presbytery by Tim Coombs

Churches without pastors often struggle to schedule supply preachers for worship, sometimes choosing to go with a member of their congregation if they cannot find an available pastor or commissioned ruling elder. This task, however, gets even more difficult on Sundays when communion is served, which for most of our churches, is traditionally the first Sunday of the month. In the past, only an … [Read more...]

Albany Presbytery Staffing Process Advisory Team

Discerning the most appropriate staffing pattern to support this Presbytery’s mission has proven difficult.  Several recent Presbytery meetings demonstrated failure to reach consensus.  (Learn more on the Transitional Planning page of our website.) We need -- and in God’s time we can afford -- to consider our process, not just the outcome.  Can we improve our collective conversation about God’s … [Read more...]

Truth Commission on Poverty in NYS by Joe Paparone

Despite New York’s great wealth, more than 3 million New Yorkers live below the federal poverty line, and millions more struggle to make ends meet. In Schenectady, Albany, and Rensselaer counties, 4 in 10 households earn less than the cost of living. The Truth Commission on Poverty in New York State will seek to shine a light on these realities and - most importantly - the leadership and … [Read more...]

Keeping Our Information Secure by Kim Deal

This past Fall we launched our new website and it has been very well received. You can review the 4 main areas where we focused our efforts to improve our website in the blog: Video Overview: Albany Presbytery Website Updates Next Step: Securing Confidential Information on Our Website We place a high value on transparency and openness however there are times when business posted on the website … [Read more...]

Reflections from the March 29th Presbytery Meeting at the First Presbyterian Church, Glens Falls

Please share this information with all those interested in the work and opportunities happening in the Albany Presbytery. You may use the following URL to embed the directly into your communications: The 312th Stated Meeting of the Albany Presbytery was held on March 29, 2017 at the First Presbyterian Church, Glens Falls. … [Read more...]

Reflections from the 2017 NEXT Conference by Katy Stenta

This is my fourth year at Nextchurch, a conference which often has a pulse on where the church is right now. The conference this year focused on Division and Reconciliation with its theme of “Walls and Wells” based upon the “Woman at the Well” scripture. (Great links to most of this were provided in Tim Coomb’s blog) I go to Nextchurch to be energized in ministry, hear excellent preaching and … [Read more...]

Second Annual Convention of Northeast Presbyteries by Arthur Fullerton

Though the normal response to an invitation to a Synod meeting might be "What sin have I committed to be punished so?", in fact the Synod of the Northeast Second Annual Convention of Presbyteries was a great opportunity for fellowship and learning about what some of our fellow presbyteries are doing to embrace 21st century ministry. We had representatives from 21 out of 22 presbyteries in … [Read more...]