Disaster Response Task Force (DRTF)

We encourage all congregations and ministries of the Presbytery to engage in a yearly review of their personal disaster preparedness. Our Disaster Planning Guide can be a aide in this process. If you would like assistance please contact the Presbytery Office for further information or to invite someone from our Presbytery Disaster Response Team to meet with you.

In the event of an emergency, it may be impossible to be in touch with the Presbytery office. Text messages might be the best way to get information and so we encourage every congregation to list an emergency cell phone number that can handle SMS text messages with our office. Please send that information to (info@albanypresbytery.org). In the event of an emergency please also check the Presbytery’s Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as the website for up-to-date information. In the event of an emergency we will seek to communicate with you in any way we can and some communication methods may be compromised. In an emergency do not just rely on us to communicate with you or for you to be able to communicate with us in one way but try all ways (phone, text, website, social media).

24-Hour EMERGENCY Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Contact:

Non-Emergency Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Contact:

The Albany Presbytery Disaster Response Task Force (DRTF) came together in the fall of 2011 as congregations of Albany Presbytery responded to needs following Hurricane Irene, supporting flood-damaged churches and their communities.

The purpose of the DRTF is to coordinate a rapid response to local disasters and emergencies. Specifically, the DRTF can provide or help ensure affected congregations and their communities in the bounds of Albany Presbytery have support for or access to:

• Communication
• Connection to other people and agencies
• Response and recovery services (church, civic, not-for-profit, etc.)
• Financial assistance, coordinated through the Synod of the Northeast
• Pastoral care
• Preparedness training

If your congregation or community experiences a natural or man-made disaster (natural and human-caused crises or catastrophic events) please follow these immediate recommendations:

1. Make sure all people are safe.
2. Turn off gas, electric and water as appropriate.
3. Secure documents.
4. Call the Presbytery Office to report the disaster.
5. Arrange for an onsite visit from Disaster Response Team ASAP.
6. Take photos of all damage for documentation.

Ministry Resources:

⚡️Preparing for a Severe Weather Event⚡️
Click here for a Natural Disaster Information Kit: Minimize structural damage from nature’s worst weather events while keeping your people safe.