Approved Preaching List

Approved-Preaching-List-Sept-2021 List effective as of September 14, 2021
The minimum honorarium rate is included in the Approved Preaching List. The 2021 IRS mileage reimbursement rate is $0.56

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Ruling Elders Approved to Provide Communion

The following list of Ruling Elders throughout Albany Presbytery can provide communion on a one-to-one basis provided that they are approved by their Sessions to do so and they report on their activity. To be eligible to serve communion in any congregation they need to be authorized by the presbytery.  For more information, contact the Committee on Ministers and Congregations (COMAC).

Contact information for each church is on the Congregations page of our website and they can help you reach individuals listed below.

List of Ruling Elders Approved to Provide Communion – updated 2/5/2020