What does Thanksgiving Look Like To You? by Kate Kotfila

In his State of the Union speech in January 1941, FDR proposed four fundamental freedoms that all people ought to enjoy: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear. Four Freedoms images © SEPS. Used under permission of Curtis Licensing. The speech was not particularly noteworthy, and the Four Freedoms did not grab hold of the American consciousness until … [Read more...]

What Kairos Moments Have Changed You? by Michael Burkley

A friend gives me a devotional booklet (Men of Integrity) that I read every day (well, almost every day!).  Recently an excerpt from David Henderson’s book, “Tranquility” told about two different conceptions of time that we have inherited from the Greeks (the culture in which the New Testament was written).  Greeks thought of time as either Chronos time, the normal “chronological” time of days, … [Read more...]

Albany Presbytery Spotlight: Pastoral Care Team by Tim Coombs

According to the Book of Order, a presbytery “is the council serving a corporate expression of the church within a certain district and is compose of all the congregations and teaching elders within that district,” (G-3.0301), at least that is the formal definition.  The presbytery, however, is also the church for all the teaching elders (pastors and chaplains) that belong to it.  Teaching Elders … [Read more...]