Witnessing Community by Michael Plank

Not one person has called me to say they want to join our gym because they’re looking for a community.  They come looking for a physical transformation.  Those transformations are powerful to see.  In the last year alone, we had one woman who had struggled with Diabetes for years who was finally able to completely get off her insulin pump.  We had another woman who broke her back in an accident 17 … [Read more...]

Embodying Worship by Michael Plank

Our physical existence is a universal part of the human experience.  Bodies are as diverse as minds and souls.  We all must use them, live in them, and take care of them.  At Underwood Park CrossFit, we believe that the church should engage our bodies, and that the church can minister to them in relevant ways that contribute to the glory of heaven on earth.   In post-industrial, upstate New York … [Read more...]